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  • Lives Transformed by Subway | 10-18 17:33
  • As prospering Beijing continues to swell and sprawl, subway lines become the arteries of the city, linking its inhabitants and channeling the development of its property market.
  • Battling Dubious Toll Charges | 10-17 17:40
  • Toll operators are extending the duration of tolling periods by many years, using legal loopholes to evade regulation and scam billions of yuan from drivers.
  • Drought Plagues China's Top Grain Base | 9-27 18:34
  • Jilin province is in the clutches of the most intense drought that has affected the region in 100 years, leading to massive disruptions in agricultural production and farmers' way of life.
  • On the Road: China on Holiday | 9-26 17:13
  • Lam Li takes an in-depth look at the new wave of independent Chinese travelers looking for immersion and adventure abroad.
  • Siemens Bribery Tied to Jilin Hospital | 9-24 17:53
  • An investigation into hundreds of millions of euros in suspected bribe funds at the German headquarters of Siemens has led to the detention of a respected hospital director in Jilin province.
  • Energy Task Force Leaves the Capital | 7-31 14:30
  • In the wake of energy consumption reduction quotas being dropped, eight agencies depart the capital to assess how local government in environmentally-stressed provinces are pricing energy for high-polluting, high-consuming industries.
  • Anti-trust Ambiguity | 7-20 17:14
  • Experts worry that contrary to to its name, a new anti-trust law may actually protect monopolies due to ambiguity in certain passages.
  • The Shanbei Oil Dispute | 7-20 11:02
  • Investors claim they lost everything when the government seized oil well assets and provided meager and inconsistent compensation. The case, which has caught the attention of top government agencies, will be a historic test of the new Property Law.
  • Huawei: GSM's Dark Horse | 6-21 17:43
  • As China Mobile spends billions on new equipment, a local dark horse creeps up on foreign competitors.
  • When Lightning Strikes Fire | 6-5 18:53
  • Just days in office, a Hebei official begins demolishing steel mills that are breaking the law. But do the environmental costs of their actions merit the thousands of jobs lost in the shutdowns?
  • The Emperor's True Clothes | 5-29 17:04
  • The Ministry of Commerce has completed a round of investigations into disingenuous reporting by textile exporters. Will it target the black market trade in quotas next?
  • The Bio-Fuel Wars | 5-8 17:15
  • In squaring off against chronic energy supply challenges, China's bio-fuel policy may need to be as diverse as the country itself.
  • Sources: New Law to Jolt Outsourcing | 4-24 10:59
  • A new law likely to be promulgated this year will give preferential taxes to the burgeoning outsourcing industry in China as it sets its sights on catching up to India.
  • Taming Online Video | 4-19 11:55
  • As online video sites proliferate in China, officials mull over how best to moderate content and ensure that copyrights are respected.
  • Stealing the Yellow River | 3-30 12:51
  • Leaked documents reveal that a joint-venture in Henan stole 50 million cubic meters of water over a six-year period.
  • New Property Tax Unlikely This Year | 3-29 17:49
  • The new tax is being simulated in various cities, but most likely will not begin actual implementation in 2007.
  • SEZ's Become History | 3-28 13:11
  • A landmark tax reform would level the playing field for both domestic and foreign-funded businesses.
  • Xinhua: Intel to Announce on China Chip Plant | 3-22 17:47
  • Intel is expected to announce the contruction of a high-tech chip manufacturing plant in China.
  • The Google Dynasty | 3-1 12:10
  • Google should change its attitude in order to better adapt to local customs.
  • Best Buy Looks for China Model | 3-1 10:19
  • Best Buy is pursuing two brands as it enters the home appliance retail market in China.

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