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  • Nestle and Danone Flee Shanghai | 12-16 23:54
  • Both food giants are shutting down their factories in Shanghai, where land is scarce and costs have risen, but do they also face wider problems in China?
  • China Sidelines MasterCard, Visa | 11-17 15:55
  • A ban on providing yuan-denominated cards has left Visa and MasterCard powerless in the world’s fastest-growing market.
  • Regulator Stalls Restaurant IPO | 11-11 20:09
  • China's restaurant owners, who conduct as much business as possible in cash, are beginning to regret the habit as they seek to go public.
  • China Southern's New Superjumbo | 10-25 16:47
  • The country's largest airline has received its first A380 at a cost of some 2 billion yuan, but do long-haul travellers really want to land in Guangzhou?
  • Google Pins Hopes on Double Click | 9-26 19:49
  • Having passed its annual Chinese inspection, Google is hoping for a local breakthrough with DoubleClick, which uploads and monitors targeted ads.
  • Carrefour Losing its Way in China | 9-21 12:18
  • The French retail giant is losing its early advantage in China, with one source blaming the boss' insensitivity to "Chinese characteristics."
  • Drought, Mine Closures Cut Power | 9-13 16:21
  • Manufacturers in all the major cities on the Pearl River Delta were asked to cut power at different hours of the day after a shortage of coal and water reduced electricity generation.
  • Bosses Sense Resistance Abroad | 8-31 18:01
  • As Chinese companies do more and more business outside their home market, their executives are sensing increased resistance and risks abroad.
  • Oil Spill Watchdog Has No Teeth | 8-30 17:05
  • The State Oceanic Administration has rejected ConocoPhillips’s explanation for the June spill, but can’t conduct the investigation itself due to lack of qualified staff, technology and funds.
  • Gary Wang on Tudou's Black August | 8-29 20:05
  • "In the future, the online video market will consist of 3 to 5 companies, of course Tudou will be one of them"
  • Businesses Stall Wage Reforms | 8-26 17:52
  • Opposition from businesses has stymied a three-year-old attempt by the employment ministry to raise the status of China’s poorest workers, highlighting the difficulty of distributing income more equitably.
  • CNPC Forms JV For Shandong Trade | 8-19 17:30
  • PetroChina parent China National Petroleum Corporation is trying a new approach with refineries in China's oil heartland of Shandong.
  • Chromium Dump - More Toxic Tales | 8-18 16:58
  • The discovery of Luliang Chemical's carcinogenic chemicals dump beside a Yunan reservoir is just the latest in a long list of toxic spillages and leakages. More from the archives.
  • Pork Prices Expected To Resume Rise | 8-15 18:23
  • Wholesale pork prices for the last week of July were down 0.5% from the previous week, marking the first time in three months that the government data showed two consecutive weeks of falling prices.
  • Can Sina's Weibis Make Weibo Pay? | 8-15 16:52
  • Sina Weibo has garnered a huge amount of users, but generated little revenue. That might change with the advent of the Weibi, Sina's virtual currency.
  • The Battle for Internet Supremacy | 8-15 16:04
  • Baidu and Tencent are both competing for supremacy in the Chinese internet sector, fueling a fight to acquire successful smaller businesses.
  • Cheap Medicines Alarm Regulators | 8-3 17:10
  • Drugs companies that won state tenders by agreeing to supply at low prices have been either dropping out or using dubious ingredients.
  • Gridlock On Profitable Expressway | 7-20 18:13
  • Never-ending traffic jam on Guangdong's most expensive toll road.
  • Falling Short On Electric Car Target | 7-18 18:38
  • It’s a year since China launched its trial policy to subsidize the sale and production of vehicles powered by alternative fuels, and those early aspirations seem to have been quietly forgotten.
  • Shaanxi Takes a Different Approach to Reform of Coal Mining Industry | 7-15 18:06
  • Shaanxi is trying to make sure that reforms aimed at consolidating small coal mines operating in the region don't simply result in small private players being bought out by state-owned giants

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