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  • NVC Chairman on Strikes and Liars | 8-28 15:28
  • NVC chairman Andrew Yan calls former chairman of the board Wu Changjiang a liar.
  • Wang Chuanfu on BYD's Future | 8-24 13:43
  • The EO sits down with the Chairman of BYD.
  • Zhou Hongyi: Decoding Qihoo 360 | 8-20 12:23
  • The EO talks to the CEO of Qihoo 360 about the company's future.
  • Baidu's Challenge | 7-31 14:46
  • Despite Baidu's impressive growth, some investors are beginning to ask questions about the future direction of the company.
  • Smart Phone, Insulted Owner | 7-6 23:01
  • When the EO asked Lei Jun about profit margins at his new venture, making MIUI smartphones, the former internet entrepreneur took offence.
  • Japanese Retailers' China Dreams | 7-6 20:50
  • 7-Eleven, Ito Yokado, Uniqlo, MUJI, Rosen, Alldays, Saizeriya, Family Mart - more and more Japanese retailers are pinning their ambitions on China.
  • Chongqing's Missing Entrepreneur | 6-27 15:53
  • An investigation into the business interests of a Chongqing lighting entrepreneur.
  • Copied Cars Harm China Industry | 5-15 16:13
  • It's clear from the Chinese models on show at the auto show: you can’t clone innovation. The pursuit of foreign technology has come at the expense of domestic R&D.
  • Online Retailer's Costly Growth | 5-8 13:43
  • Vancl lost its way after sales grew sixfold early in 2011 - a pile of mops and cookers taught the CEO that a shortage of stock is better than a surplus.
  • Ships Blocked from Chinese Ports | 4-17 11:36
  • A look at who wants to stop large iron ore carriers docking at Chinese ports and why
  • Helicopter Boom As Skies Open Up | 4-5 14:21
  • Eurocopter, the world’s largest helicopter maker, saw China revenue grow 70% in 2011 after the government pledged to loosen restrictions on low altitude flights.
  • Crying Over Steel Wheels | 3-20 18:47
  • After Masteel got an oral pledge from Liu Zhijun, who at the time was Minister for Railways, the Anhui-based firm made a huge investment in machinery necessary to meet the order.
  • Interview: VW's Ulrich Hackenberg | 3-15 15:47
  • VW is committed to using DSG technology in China
  • Frosty Welcome for Ore Platform | 3-13 15:38
  • The head of globalOre has a tough task in China, with the biggest steel companies boycotting the trading platform and instead backing a domestic rival.
  • Foreign Firms in China: Bingham | 3-12 17:04
  • In the first of a series, we talk to Boston-based firm Bingham McCutchen about practicing law in China and the partners' ambitions for their newly-opened Beijing office.
  • China Sprouts Moutai Stores | 3-1 13:20
  • China's most famous liquor maker is taking a leaf out of Apple's book and opening up own-brand stores across the country.
  • Interview: CEO of 7 Days Inn | 2-17 11:49
  • We talk corporate strategy with Alex Zheng, the CEO of China's second largest budget hotel chain.
  • Interview with Tencent CEO | 2-8 12:04
  • China's Internet companies will change roles, from having been students they will now become teachers.
  • Miners' Pledge To Main Customer | 1-12 14:09
  • BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, who saw their share prices soared as Chinese demand inflated commodity prices, pledged to buy more equipment and supplies from the country.
  • Fosun's Foreign Overtures | 1-4 18:48
  • Shanghai-based conglomerate Fosun Group is reaping the rewards of a carefully considered international strategy.

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