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Proposal: Let Rural Land-use Rights be Transferable
A proposed law amendment calls for allowing farmers to transer, rent, and mortage their land-use rights for rural property, and this may pave the way for urban residents to access rural property.
10月7日 18:57
Beijing Ups Fuel Prices For Going Green
Beijing has introduced green fuel with less pollutant emission, and that comes at a higher price.
10月7日 16:13
Central Audit Reveals Billions in Misused Funds
A report released by the government's central auditing bureau has blown the top off of billions in mis-managed, embezzled, and otherwise squandered funds.
8月28日 19:38
Report Cards Bite Chinese Officials
A county in Anhui province is trying out a new system to grade government agencies and drop those that score poorly. But is it fair and partial?
8月26日 11:24
Green Tax on Big Cars in China
Buying big cars in China will cost more after September 1 when the vehicle excise tax will go up by 40% for high engine capacity cars to discourage fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emmission.
8月13日 19:50
Attacks in China's Xinjiang Killed 16 Police
Sixteen border patrol policemen died and 16 others injured following an explosive attack in western China's Xinjiang province on Monday.
8月4日 14:55
China's Price-fixing Catalog for Review
The Chinese government is evaluating the possibilty of loosening price controls for certain items listed on the official price-fixing catalog, yet inflationary pressure poses challenges.
7月29日 16:30
Missing Funds Spark Probe of Bank Vice President
Missing funds from a developmental loan are thought to be leads in a corruption probe of a major Chinese policy bank's vice president.
6月27日 11:35
Shenzhen Lays Ambitious Plans for Democratic Politics
After being crowned as a pioneer in China's economic reform and opening-up, Shenzhen now eyes to be the first in political reforms.
6月19日 11:22
Special Bankruptcy Out for SOE's Coming to an End
Hundreds of billions of yuan later, a special-treatment program by which state-owned Chinese businesses could declare bankruptcy and repay employees first will end with 2008.
6月13日 18:18
Statistics Bureau Chief to Head Cabinet Think Tank
After taking over the helm of the National Statistics Bureau from a disgraced official for 19 months, Xie Fuzhan is moving again to head the think tank for Chinese State Council.
6月2日 17:18
Preventing a Potential Second-Wave Disaster in Sichuan
The Chinese State Council has issued a strict directive on preventing a potential second-wave disaster arising from endangered dams and landslide-dammed lakes in earthquake-hit Sichuan.
5月21日 20:42
Leveling the Peak to Fill the Valley, for Balanced Salaries
A plan to stadardize public sector allowances is likely to impact some eight million public servents, for better or worse.
5月14日 17:07
Trade Deadlock: By the Numbers, or by the Rules?
China has insisted on excluding state-owned enterprises and local governments' purchases from open competition by WTO members to avoid what it says would be unbalanced market liberalization.
5月9日 16:24
China Tax Reform: Two Speeches, One Story
Chinese officials are striding forward with schemes that would channel more taxes into the central government, with implications for the country's wealth gap and growth-driven environmental damage.
5月7日 17:29
A Party Outsider, a Public Election
A party-sponsored, televised election of candidates for directorships in Nanjing leads to a party outsider's rising to the top.
4月18日 16:32
China To Raise Poverty Line
A poverty relief document being drafted proposes to raise China's poverty line, which would potentially double the amount of Chinese below it to 80 million.
4月17日 15:39
State Council Diet Continues
The trimming down of China's State Council hits an important landmark as over 25 project groups are dissolved.
4月11日 16:54
One Minister, Ten Deputies
One minister and ten deputy ministers will be taking helm of the newly established "super ministry" of Human Resources and Social Security.
3月26日 13:45
Zhejiang Reps Dive into Open Budgets
After participatory budget reforms in a handful of Zhejiang towns, local representatives are seizing upon their newfound right to vet budget proposals.
3月25日 17:10


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