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China's Anti-monopoly Law: One Year On
One year after the introduction of a law that aimed to put limits on the power of large state-owned monopolies, lawyers and policy makers are worried that it's actually led to a decline in the level of market competition.
11月10日 15:56
Controversial Air Ticket Pricing System Collapses
A new air ticket pricing system introduced in April has crash landed.
9月22日 19:38
China Cracks Down on Foreign Representative Offices
The State Administration for Industry and Commerce is planning to strengthen supervision of the resident representative offices of foreign enterprises in China.
8月17日 18:42
What's Behind the Surge in Beijing Property Prices?
While ordinary people complain that they can't afford property and call on the government to help reduce prices, the government relies on land sales for a large fraction of their revenue and therefore have an interest in maintaining high prices.
8月10日 18:33
China's Monetary Policy Dilemma
China's central bank has found itself stuck in a dilemma as to what to do in regard to current monetary policy.
7月31日 16:08
The Secret of China's Iron Ore Negotiations
Despite CISA's attempts to obtain lower iron ore prices from the three big mining companies, they soon realised that the "bottom line" of their negotiating position was being leaked.
7月22日 17:44
China to Start Accepting Listing Applications for New Board
China will start accepting applications from companies interested in listing on Shenzhen's soon-to-be-established Growth Enterprise Board (GEB) from July 26.
7月21日 15:32
China Considers Environmental Tax
China has edged closer to levying an environmental tax on polluters, but remains divided over how to introduce the tax.
7月1日 16:30
China to Regulate Executive Pay at State-Owned Enterprises
Regulations are aimed at standardizing executives' pay at state-owned or controlled enterprises.
6月25日 16:17
Beijing Olympics: Over Budget but still Profitable
BOCOG made an operating profit of over 1 billion yuan ($170 million) from the Beijing Olympics, according to a report released on Friday.
6月19日 18:28
Government Departments to Shed Publishing Houses in Shake Up
Various ministries and commissions of the Chinese central government are slated to shed their affiliated publishing houses over the next two years.
6月17日 18:29
China Cracks Down on "Small Gold Mines"
China launches a devoted 8-month campaign to crack down on the illegal appropriation of public funds.
5月13日 17:58
Chinese Political Parties Voice Up on Unemployment
The first motion presented to China's top political advisory body's annual plenary session, which opened on Tuesday, dealt squarely with unemployment.
3月3日 19:03
Economic Issues to Dominate China's Political Consultative Session
Economic issues are poised to dominate China's nine-day political advisory conference, which opens on Tuesday and attended by over 2,100 delegates nationwide.
3月3日 18:58
China Denies Funding Acquisitions Abroad
A Chinese senior official has denied charges that the government was funding state-owned miners to acquire mineral resources abroad.
2月27日 19:16
Independent Boards for Chinese State-owned Firms
The boards of directors of Chinese state-owned firms are to gain more power in making independent decisions, and the communist party committee to assume a supervisory role, says a recent government circular.
2月23日 17:15
China to Revamp Tax System to Narrow Income Gap
China is mulling over a revamp of the personal income tax system to narrow the wealth gap among Chinese.
2月19日 18:12
China Policy Barometer 2009 (Part II)
What key leaders will be setting policy at top Chinese government agencies in 2009? In this two-part series, the EO takes a brief look at the people, agencies, and challenges shaping the new year.
2月11日 12:13
"Buy China" Not an Option
China says it will not introduce "Buy China" strategy to weather the current economic storm.
2月9日 15:13
China Policy Barometer 2009 (Part I)
What key leaders will be setting policy at top Chinese government agencies in 2009? In this two-part series, the EO takes a brief look at the people, agencies, and challenges shaping the new year.
2月6日 10:13


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