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Issue Wrap No.449, December 21
Highlights from this week's paper: China Takes Measures to Cool Property Market; Subsidy for Peanut Production
12月21日 19:55
Issue Wrap No. 448, December 14
Highlights from this week's paper: Bad News from Copenhagen, a New National Energy Commission and CPI Turns Positive
12月15日 16:21
Issue Wrap No. 447, December 7
Highlights from this week's paper: Joint Copenhagen Editorial, Wealthy Chinese Retailer to be Charged and Praying for a Job
12月10日 15:24
Issue Wrap No. 446, November 30
Highlights from this week's paper: SAFE Recruit Staff From Abroad, Price of Natural Gas to Increase and Confessions of a Chinese Home Buyer
12月1日 19:45
Issue Wrap No. 445, November 23
Highlights from this week's paper: Sinopec Under Pressure from Private Competitors, Battle for the RMB and Multinationals Want In on China's "Big Plane Project."
11月24日 16:37
Issue Wrap No. 444, November 16
Highlights from this week's paper: Rat Trading, Consumer Rights and the coming of CIC No. 2.
11月17日 19:36
Issue Wrap No. 443, November 9
Highlights from this week's paper: The Disneyland Effect, Stress Tests and COEs to Pay Less in Dividends.
11月9日 16:49
Issue Wrap No. 442, November 2
Highlights from this week's paper: The performance of Central-owned firms revealed for first time
11月3日 16:43
Issue Wrap No. 441, October 26
Highlights from this week's paper: BHP Billiton Behaving Badly, Advance of the State: Shanxi's Disappearing Grey Economy.
10月28日 10:57
Issue Wrap No. 440, October 19
Highlights from this week's paper: Agricultural Bank Returns to its Roots, No Exit from Stimulus Measures and Beijing's Expanding CBD
10月19日 18:52
Issue Wrap No. 438, September 28
Highlights from this week's paper: Huijin, Environmental Inspections and 50-year Treasury Bonds.
9月29日 19:28
Issue Wrap No. 437, September 21
Highlights from this week's paper: Derivatives, Air Tickets and CIC
9月21日 18:05
Issue Wrap No. 436, September 14
Highlights from this weeks paper: Lenovo, Government Housing and FDI
9月15日 19:00
Issue Wrap No. 435, September 7
Major Headlines from this week's paper October Launch for Growth Enterprise Board Export Recovery to Decide Future GDP Growth Labor Shortage in Wenzhou
9月7日 16:46
Issue Wrap No. 434, August 31
State Council to Get Tough on Excess Capacity Central Bank Takes Middle Path Approach to Monetary Policy What's Pushing Up the Price of Food?
9月1日 16:50
Issue Wrap No. 433, August 24
~ Looming Inflation ~ CIC No Longer to Pay Interest to the State ~ Foreign Water Companies Targeted in Water Price Investigation
8月25日 17:49
Issue Wrap No. 432, August 17
Highlights from this week's paper: Baosteel's Failed Expansion Strategy, Land Tax and Fine Tuning China's Monetary Policy.
8月18日 19:16
Issue Wrap No. 431, August 10
Highlights from this week's paper: Hot Money Returns to China, Fine Tuning of Macro Policy, Administrative Reform in Shenzhen and more.
8月11日 14:09
Issue Wrap No. 430, August 3
Highlights from this week's paper: What's behind the surge in Beijing property prices? China faces risk of excess liquidity and asset bubbles in H2. Oil giants argue for changes to the new domestic oil pricing system.
8月5日 17:51
Issue Wrap No. 429, July 27
The chairman of China's Banking Regulatory Commission warned commercial banks of the risks involved in lending to local governments ...

The central government will pour 80 billion yuan of capital into the econ
7月31日 10:27


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
The new benchmark price is likely to help boost the profitability of photovoltaic projects and encourage more investment...
China Shuts Down 583 Lead-acid
A total of 583 lead-acid battery manufacturing plants have been shut down over recent months as part of a campaign to st...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


Despite an increase in the pro