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China Numbers: Startups, Credit & Migrant Wages

The numbers making news around China during the week of May 27, 2013

11.8 percent
The growth in the average monthly wage of migrant workers in 2012, down from 21.2 percent growth in 2011. Reuters

$77.2 billion
Chinese outbound investment last year - a 14 percent increase from the previous year. China Daily

61 percent
Proportion of civil servants that think the public have an excessively negative view of them. Economic Observer

17 cents
From January to March, each $1 in credit firepower added the equivalent of 17 cents in GDP - down from 29 cents last year and 83 cents in 2007, illustrating that China’s economy is becoming less responsive to credit. Bloomberg

25 percent
Proportion of startups in Beijing’s Zhongguancun that were founded by Chinese people who’ve studied or worked overseas. Tech in Asia

$101.6 million
Amount that Las Vegas Sands Corp. was ordered to pay Richard Suen, a Hong Kong businessman who won a trial over his claims that he helped the casino operator obtain a gaming license in Macau. Bloomberg

1 million
Number by which the Chinese Communist Party’s membership grows each year. Tea Leaf Nation



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