Ballots in the Hands of the Youth(4)

Published: 2007-06-14

Lin: This is a process that will inevitably arise out of the growth of a democracy. But it's this generation of youth that should think of a way to break out of this. In reality, many other places have been hard pressed to avoid this. But after it does emerge, should we just ignore it? Should we intervene and willfully go and consolidate things? …The emergence of this kind of phenomenon is not strange, but how to pull out of it, this is something that we should be thinking about. While unavoidable, our democracy can finally become mature if we can get passed it. If not, things could revert back to a dictatorship. This is why I say that the question is what direction the youth go.

EO: You mentioned "pulling out" of these circumstances. How exactly do you think that should be done??

Lin: Of course, the most important thing is the resolution of conflict, and the ballots in peoples' hands. Why are things so polarized? There are some people who have the need to create conflict in order to get votes. If through conflict they can’t get those votes, then they won’t go and create conflict. So today, if you don’t vote for them then they won’t create conflict in the future. Of course, some people are still tricked, and because they haven’t experienced this kind of thing before they have a different perspective. But after these past few years of lessons, there should be a lot of people who've woken up. Now, when we disseminate information and persuade each other, it should be easier than before.

I think the ballot in the hands of the youth is what's most important. The old generation's model has already been set-- blue is blue, green is green. What is constantly changing is the ballot in the hands of the youth. If that ballot is cast, I think it would rectify what’s wrong today.

EO: How do you view the political situation in the run-up to the next election??

Lin: The youth still should maintain an optimistic attitude. The youth don't have the right to be pessimistic. If you think there will be no change in the 2008 election, that the result is inevitable, then I think Taiwan has no future. The youth must be optimistic. If you ask me, I'll tell you that things are going well but that we must work hard for it to stay that way. If we don't, things will worsen.

EO: As a vice-chairman of the Nationalist Party, what do you plan for the next year??

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