Local Governments Lobby for Higher Rare Earth Quota
The suspension on opening new rare earth mines will be lifted on June 30.
Song Yao | 2011-03-18
Lenovo's LePad Pricing Dilemma
Lenovo gets a taste of its own medicine when Apple's iPad2 opts for low-price strategy.
Wang Ran | 2011-03-16
China's "Wikipedia" Submits Complaint about Baidu
If you refuse to buy Baidu's keywords or reduce the amount you devote to bidding for a Baidu ranking, than it's possible that your rankings will plummet and that your site will "disappear" from the online world
Yang Yang | 2011-03-04
Labor Shortages End Express Mail's Low-Cost Era
Pay increases in the express mail industry are changing not only the career expectancies of workers, but the cost structure of the express mail industry. As the Spring Festival approaches, new price increases have been announced.
Liu Weixun, Shen Jianyuan | 2011-01-28
Making Up for Lost Time: China's Hydropower Push
Chinese hydroelectric power generation has reached a turning point. The development of hydroelectric power has become a priority, and large and medium-sized hydropower projects will be granted approval.
Xie Liangbing, Chen Yong | 2011-01-24
Sticking With the Plan - An Interview with the CEO of Li Ning
Zhang Zhiyong, the CEO of one of China's best known sportswear brands, responds to criticisms of his business strategy for the company
He Wen, Wang Fang | 2011-01-13
Coal Energy: 48 Hours of Contract Negotiations
Power companies are in need of coal, but coal mines prefer to sell their products to metallurgy companies. The negotiations need a coordinator, but no one is coming forward.
Zhang Xiangdong | 2011-01-13
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Hotlines Published by Shanxi Communist Party Ring Unanswered
Ahead of a new round of political appointments in Shanxi this year, the contact details of party officials were published in the Shanxi Daily
Source:Southern Weekend
Auditor Reveals Irregularities with Spending on Beijing-Shanghai High-...
The National Audit Office outlined serious problems discovered during a two-month audit carried out between May and July last year
Source:National Audit Office
Japan Earthquake:To Stay or to Go?
Tourists are leaving, and the trend spread to longer-term residents of the country.


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