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Petitioner's Mission Ends in Asylum
Six years after losing his job at a food factory, Mr. He is in a mental asylum, but he’s not a lunatic, just a petitioner who wouldn’t give up.
8月4日 17:49
Beijing's "Seventh Ring" of Rubbish
As Beijing grows, so its garbage spreads. The city has surrounded itself with rings of rubbish – first there was one just beyond the fourth ring road, now the rings extend beyond the sixth ring.
7月22日 17:55
An Irrational Preference for Imports
Sun Yafei, chief executive of online luxury retailer Fifth Avenue Globe Inc., constantly gets an embarrassing question from her customers – where are the branded goods manufactured?
7月20日 16:05
Shandong's Over-Fertilized Soil
China has less than a tenth of the world’s agricultural land, but has to feed a fifth of the world’s population. Farmers met that challenge by piling fields with fertilizer and dousing them in pesticides.
7月13日 16:52
The Perils of Neglecting China’s Graduates
University students can’t find satisfactory jobs on a job market that is crying out for factory workers.
6月17日 12:42
China's Slums: When Will the Poor Get a Break?
It is regrettable that a country cannot protect its weak, but the government should at least refrain from bullying them
4月8日 20:26
Nothing is More Unreliable than Love
Lu Yuan knows of countless "miraculous" lightning marriages, "some of them married public servants they met on the internet, others married employees of state-owned enterprises that had been introduced by friends."
2月18日 17:48
Who Qualifies as Poor in China?
At the start of this year, China raised its official national poverty line to a net per capita income of 1,500 yuan per year
1月25日 17:14
Life as a Train Ticket Scalper
If you want to sell tickets, aside from keeping your eyes and ears open, you will need to know the underground network of people who live and work in the railway station. This cast of characters includes other scalpers, couriers, thieves, beggars and more
1月21日 18:07
Highlights of Recent Reforms to China's Education System
We examine some of the initiatives and pilot programs that are being undertaken as part of China's education reforms
1月7日 18:15
17 Years of Dismal History in Xingfu Ba Village
Police have uncovered that most of the mentally disabled workers that were abused were provided by the company Zi Qiang Dui in Xingfu Ba Village in Qu County...
12月24日 17:48
Official Statement from the Economic Observer
Over recent days rumors about high-level editors at the The Economic Observer accepting a payment in relation to the handling of the "Qiu Ziming Case" have been circulating online.
12月10日 14:45
"Fearless Grandpa" Exposes Cover-up of Subway Safety Flaws
Profile of Zhong Jizhang, a veteran petitioner who's discovered the power of the internet
10月21日 15:03
Official Statement in Response to Decision to Revoke Detention Order
The Economic Observer responds to Lishui City Public Security Bureau's decision to order Suichang County's Public Security Bureau to revoke the order for the detention of Qiu Ziming
7月29日 19:17
Statement from the Economic Observer in Relation to Journalist Qiu Ziming
We've been informed that one of our reporters has been added to a national on-line list of wanted criminals on the grounds of "alleged damage to a company's business reputation."
7月28日 16:17
College Graduates Desert Big Cities
More graduates are deciding to leave big cities in search of a better life.
7月7日 17:28
Shenzhen to Crackdown on Gangs
On March 30, the Shenzhen government held a press conference announcing its crackdown on gang crime across the city.
5月14日 13:59
Guangzhou Seeks to Impose "Civic Virtue" on Public Housing Residents
Guangzhou's low-income housing complexes are trying to instill "civic virtue" in residents by introducing a points-based system.
3月5日 16:29
Real-Name Rail Ticketing System Fails to Foil Scalpers
Despite the recent adoption of a new real-name ticketing system in Guangdong, scalpers continue to remain active and passengers are still having difficulty purchasing train tickets.
1月28日 20:07
Confessions of a Shanxi Coal Mining Princeling
A wealthy Shanxi coal mining boss and his wayward son deal with the consolidation and quasi-nationalisation of the province's coal mines.
10月30日 16:35


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
The new benchmark price is likely to help boost the profitability of photovoltaic projects and encourage more investment...
China Shuts Down 583 Lead-acid
A total of 583 lead-acid battery manufacturing plants have been shut down over recent months as part of a campaign to st...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


Despite an increase in the pro