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Taxi Discontent in Shantou: Who's to Blame?
Unfair competition, disorganized supervision, and corrupt officials pushed the taxi industry in Guangdong's coastal city of Shantou to a mass-- and sometimes violent--strike in late November.
12月5日 15:02
Confessions of a Propaganda Hitman
A former journalist in Xi'an now makes bank producing polished advertorials for government clients. Yu Menghong gives the EO an inside look at his booming craft.
10月10日 14:21
Chinese National Holiday Announcement
The office of the Economic Observer is closed for a week between September 27 and October 5 for the Chinese National Day celebration.
9月26日 18:33
Rebuilding a Ghost Town
Fengdu county wants to invest 700 million yuan to build a brand-new Ghost Themepark to replace the centuries-old "ghost district" that will soon be drowned by water from the Three Gorges Dam project.
9月17日 18:12
Opening a City to the Disabled
The Beijing Paralympic Games has offered a chance for China to draw national resources toward one social group - the disabled; but more importantly, would it be sustainable?
9月5日 19:58
Finding a Sensible Poverty Line
Though a recent World Bank report on poverty reduction lauds China for historic achievements, it also widens the gap between international standards and China's own poverty line.
9月5日 19:10
Resolving Rural Education Debts
Under a Chinese State Council directive, provincial governments have gradually resolved local debts resulting from free rural education. Meanwhile, the government has discovered debt scams.
8月25日 18:05
A Rising Tanghai
Steel industry and discovery of oil field have granted new lifeline for Tanghai, a county in northern China and a late comer in economic development despite its location on the coast.
8月11日 17:08
Gratis Bus Rides: Free Lunch or Last Supper
Changning, Hunan province, has become the first city in China to introduce free public bus rides, how long could the free lunch last?
7月31日 16:00
Runaway Fan Holds His Ground
A teacher in Sichuan was fired following strong public criticism of him being the first to flee from his classroom and students during the May 12 earthquake. Fan, however, challenges the notion that everyone should be heroic, and plans to take up a defama
7月28日 12:08
Strong Aftershock in China's Quake Area - One dead
Thursday appears to be a day of shocks, with the strongest aftershock since late May hitting Sihcuan-Shaanxi region in China, and earthquakes measuring above 6.0 rocking Japan and Russia.
7月24日 18:56
Dongguan's Hardship Allowance for the Marginalized
An exercise by the Dongguan authorities to hand out cash subsidy for lower income groups in view of the rising costs has run into unforseen problem - with every Tom, Dick, and Harry claiming rights over the 1,000 yuan allowance.
7月22日 16:58
Manhunt after Blasts Rocked Buses in China
Chinese police has launched a manhunt and mounted stringent border checks after two explosions rocked public buses in Kunming, Yunnan, the province that borders Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.
7月21日 20:57
Yulin: A Mirage of Wealth
Plentiful natural resources have boosted the economy of Yulin, a city tucked in the hills of Shaanxi province. Yet, beyond the proliferation of massage parlours frequented by coal mine bosses, the city largely remains underdeveloped with a wide wealth gap
7月18日 18:11
Profile of a Highway Tycoon Under Investigation
The probe into Shanghai-based Highway King Liu Genshan, who is under suspicion of embazzlement, may implicate more government officials.
7月17日 12:27
Government Fee Spike Strikes Farmers
A recent survey has revealed that Chinese farmers are shouldering greater burdens in official costs for the first time in five years. Officials fear that this will discourage agriculture at a time when food security is a top priority.
7月16日 13:41
Chinese Gambling Ecosystem Thrived on EuroCup
The EO's Zhang Xiaohui reveals an ecosystem of illegal Chinese gambling and e-payment sites that thrived during the month that the EuroCup played out.
7月3日 10:35
Parallel Fate of a Man and His City
A former secretary to a vice-mayor executed for corruption has turned his doomed public service career into inspiration for fiction. Now, Wang Xiaofang's novels are thick with the nooks and crooks of government dealings.
7月2日 15:07
Citizen Hao Verses the Tiger: A Quest for Truth
Zheng Chu reports on a Chinese citizen's legal odyssey in finding the truth behind a group of controversial photos released by forestry officials featuring an "extinct" South China tiger.
6月27日 14:42
Public Demands Transparency for Quake Donations
Donations for Sichuan earthquake victims have rolled into tens of billions of yuan, sparking public concern over fund usage and intensifying calls for transparency.
6月6日 17:33


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