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Chengdu: Living in the Earthquake's Shadow
Psychological trauma still haunts Chengdu residents as a result of the Wenchuan earthquake. Rumors have sparked widespread public panic, and many suffer anxiety that the ground beneath them is still shaking.
6月6日 17:24
Dammed Lake Collapse is 93% Likely
With a high possibility that Tangjiashan landslide-dammed lake will burst, securing hundreds of thousands of lives has become the foremost priority for Chinese officials working around the clock to avert a secondary disaster after the May 12 earthquake.
6月4日 1:07
Searching for the Right Homes for Quake Orphans
Public empathy has led to swelling interest in adopting quake orphans, yet questions over the one-child policy and pre and post adoptive assessment remain.
6月3日 11:31
Rebuilding their Spiritual Homes
Psychology specialists and volunteers rush to aid earthquake victims, uncovering stories of children grappling with painful memories and pining for the lost loved ones.
6月2日 15:16
China Gets Ready to Drain the Most Dangerous Quake Lake
The exercise to drain the likely to burst Tangjiashan landslide-dammed lake near Mianyang, Sichuan, has entered its final countdown as some 200,000 living down streams were evacuated on May 30.
5月31日 12:21
Chinese Netizens Rally Behind NGO's After Quake
Chinese netizens are rallying behind NGO's and pouring themselves into relief work following the Sichuan earthquake.
5月30日 19:58
Another Kind of Youth
The EO's Yang Guang spends a sentimental day with young urban immigrants in Guangdong and discovers a surprising other side to youth labor.
5月29日 16:35
Raising Roofs for Five Million Homeless
Policymakers have split up the monumental task of building one million transitional homes over the next three months. Meanwhile, real esate projects damaged by the quake have left homeowners and borrowers in limbo.
5月29日 12:53
Life in a Shelter for Quake Victims
A stadium once called the white elephant is today home to tens of thousands of quake victims. EO reporters check on the life of those taking shelter in Mianyang Jiuzhou Stadium.
5月28日 15:34
Seven Sins for the Post-Quake Era
Seven types of crimes in quake-hit zones will be treated high-handedly to ensure public security in an already traumatized society after the May 12 earthquake in Sichuan.
5月28日 11:07
In Memorial of School Children Killed
Mourning parents put up banners and makeshift memorial hall to seek justice for their children killed by collapsed school building during the Sichuan earthquake.
5月27日 15:34
Sichuan Reels from 6.4-magnitude Aftershock
A 6.4-magnitude aftershock hit Sichuan province Sunday, the strongest since the main quake two weeks ago. While troops rush to reach rising barrier lakes, the risk of flooding has only increased.
5月25日 23:31
Chinese Solidarity to Stay off Amusement
From TV channels to movie theaters to gaming websites, entertainment in China is being shut down in order to pay respect to those lost in the earthquake.
5月21日 16:45
Guangdong CDC Bribery Case Under Lock and Key
Two years after a bribery case brought down an official at the Guangdong Center for Disease Control and Prevention, his superiors are being investigated.
5月21日 16:31
Wenchuan Dodges a Blow; Wenxian Braces for Aftershock
Early public announcements enabled Wenchuan residents to sidestep aftershock danger by relocating to safer ground. Meanwhile, nearby Wenxian in Gansu province still awaits its own.
5月21日 13:16
Yinxing: Rotting Away
An appeal letter for aid from one of the 10 remote villages - Yinxing - where rescue efforts have yet to arrive spoke of despair and urgent medical need.
5月20日 12:14
China Comes to a Standstill at 14:28
In an overwhelming display of both hope and mourning, Chinese held a moment of silence today to recognize victims of the Sichuan earthquake.
5月19日 15:21
Dream Team Mainland Investors Visits Taiwan
A group of mainland investors including SOHO's Pan Shiyi left for Taiwan in pursuit of investment opportunities. Their trip was slightly less than smooth...
5月13日 16:37
A Chinese Laborer Recalls Horror in Equatorial Guinea
A group of Chinese workers expected malaria and tough - but lucrative - work in Equatorial Guinea. They didn't, however, foresee being gunned down.
5月5日 17:02
The Blue-Green Crisis
A massive algal bloom in Taihu Lake that sparked a water crisis last year has prompted officials to strike back at businesses that dump wastes illegally.
5月1日 18:43


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