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Happiness Through Technology
We talk to founder and CEO Cheng Binghao about the ideas that inspired the creation of China's most popular social networking site.
9月11日 19:06
The War Against Chongqing Triads
Who will be the next prominent figure to fall as Chongqing intensifies a crackdown on local organized crime gangs and their "protective umbrella"?
8月25日 11:09
The New Economic Observer Website
Welcome to the new look English-language home of the Economic Observer.
7月28日 13:55
Urumuqi Death Toll Rises to 156
Another sixteen victims were reported killed in the violent clashes that erupted in Urumuqi on July 5, taking the total death toll up to 156.
7月7日 14:10
140 killed in Xinjiang Violence
Violent clashes in Xinjiang have left 140 people dead and at least 828 injured.
7月6日 19:06
5.6-Magnitude Quake Rocks Sichuan
Mianzhu, one of the areas hardest-hit by last year's devastating earthquake, was rocked by another moderately strong quake early Tuesday morning.
6月30日 10:16
Update: Seven More Cases of Swine Flu at Guangdong School
Another seven pupils from a primary school in Guangdong province were diagnosed with A/H1N1 influenza, pushing the number of infected pupils there to 37.
6月23日 11:18
Swine Flu Detected in Guangdong School
Another twenty four pupils in China's southern Guangdong province were found to have contracted A/H1N1 swine influenza on Sunday, pushing the number of infected pupils in the province up to 30.
6月22日 19:10
Antibiotic Controversy Stirs China's Dairy Industry
After the melamine scandal, China's dairy industry is in need of an antibiotic jab to boost its fragile reputation; instead, an illegal additive called "antibiotic-destroyer" was found in milk products.
5月25日 17:06
Another Swine Flu Case in Beijing
China wednesday announced its fifth confirmed case of swine flu on the mainland.
5月21日 0:13
Another Case of H1N1 Confirmed on Mainland
China reported its seventh confirmed case of swine flu, the fourth on the mainland.
5月19日 14:28
China Confirmed Fifth Swine Flu Case
China yesterday announced the country's fifth case of swine flu, the third on the mainland, had been confirmed.
5月17日 16:05
China Confirms Third Swine Flu Case
China announced the confirmation of the country's third case of swine flu, the second on the mainland, earlier this afternoon.
5月13日 15:30
Another Suspected Case of Swine Flu Reported on Mainland
China's Ministry of Health last night announced that another suspected case of A/H1N1 swine influenza has been discovered in the eastern province of Shandong.
5月13日 11:10
Mainland China's First Case of Swine Flu Confirmed
China announced its first confirmed case of A/H1N1 swine influenza in the mainland on Monday morning.
5月11日 14:31
First Suspected Case of Swine Flu on Mainland
The first suspected case of A/H1N1 swine influenza detected in mainland China was announced yesterday.
5月11日 12:24
Health Officials: Shaanxi Illnesses not Related to Swine Flu
Health officials have said that an illness which affected over 100 students in Shaanxi province earlier this month was not tied to the swine flu.
4月29日 16:45
Should China Loosen the One-Child Policy?
A 24-year family planning pilot in Shanxi province is fueling debate that a "two-child" policy can be as effective as China's current one-child policy.
4月10日 13:41
From Conflict to Coexistence: Street Patrols and Hawkers in Chongqing
Street hawkers in Chongqing are finally being decriminalized after tension with local law enforcement culminated in violence.
4月8日 17:29
Guangzhou Riddled with "Pay to Play" Public Schools
Some students in Guangzhou whose test scores couldn't get them into top public schools are paying their way into the classrooms anyway.
4月7日 18:45


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