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A New Breed of Propaganda Official
The EO examines Wu Hao, a new breed of propaganda official in Yunnan province who is shaking up old methods of media and public opinion monitoring.
3月25日 16:50
Stats Bureau: 23 Million Unemployed Migrants in China
Data released by China's Bureau of Statistics revealed the size and makeup of the jobless migrant population in the country.
3月25日 16:05
In Shadow of Three Gorges Dam, Tax Battle Brews
Hubei province and Chongqing city are vying over tax revenues from the Three Gorges Dam, whose facilities and reservoir sprawl across administrative borders.
3月18日 15:29
A Sober Look at Sorting out the Cultural Relic Scandal
Zhou Wenhan takes a critical but sober look at domestic outcry over the recent auction of Chinese cultural relics, and offers legal, diplomatic, and public relations suggestions for dealing with it.
3月17日 15:25
All The Rage over a Rat and a Rabbit
An online poll reveals that Cai Mingcao, who successfully bid for two bronze sculptures at Paris Christie's auction and later refused payment, has won the approval of many Chinese netizens.
3月4日 19:00
Migrant Worker Captain: "And No Falling in Love!"
The EO profiles Zhang Quanshou, stalwart leader of a migrant worker army under care at his labor outsourcing firm, which has taken a hit during the economic downturn.
3月3日 13:38
China's Little Che Pushes Rural Reform
A twenty-five year old from Shaanxi province has poured four years of his life into rural aid work, but despite his best efforts has yet to win a village election.
2月27日 18:34
Forest Fires Hit Six Provinces in China
A series of forest fires have struck six provinces in southern China over the past days, killing at least three and injuring two.
2月13日 18:08
CCTV Fire Fallout: Twelve Detained; Chinese React Online
Day three after the devastating CCTV fire saw investigators detain 12 for questioning and a fresh streak of sardonic public opinion on Chinese websites.
2月12日 18:07
Day-Salary Back in Fashion
Daily pay-out jobs have made a comeback in China's Pearl River Delta - migrant workers want to avoid losses if companies folded suddenly, while employers want to cut cost through flexible hiring.
2月12日 15:55
Beijing CCTV Complex Caught Fire, One Dead
Fireworks might be the cause of a fire that destroyed part of China's state broadcaster's new headquarters complex in Beijing on Monday night.
2月10日 12:44
Mao Yushi: I'm an Optimist
The EO continues its special focus series on Mao Yushi, prominent reformist, economist, and social critic.
2月3日 14:59
Mao Yushi: An Intellectual Recounts China's Turbulent Past
The EO reviews the life of Mao Yushi, reformist, economist, and critic of China's painful path to modernity.
1月21日 16:54
Flip-Flop Legal Outcomes over Demolition
A standoff between Beihai local government and the pubic over the demolition of an urban village has led to a fierce and lengthy legal battle.
1月20日 15:57
Lives Scarred by SARS
Five years after the SARS outbreak, survivors are suffering from bone and lung diseases that have all but destroyed their former lives.
1月14日 17:57
China's Urban-Rural Income Gap Record High
Amidst the economic slowdown, pressure on urban-rural imbalances in China have intensified, pushing them to record levels.
1月13日 19:11
Once Defeated, Twice Inspired, Thrice... Why Not?
In 24 hours, a million Chinese will find out whether or not they've passed the first guantlet in the 2009 civil service exam. For many, it's not the first time they've taken the test.
1月9日 19:06
Tainted-Milk Compensation Below Expectation
Too little, too late -- some parents of babies sickened by melamine-tainted milk have rejected a compensation scheme announced just before the New Year arrived, vowing to pursue legal action to demand for a more justifiable redress.
1月6日 16:43
A More Flexible Pension Scheme for Migrant Workers
Some 200 million Chinese migrant workers move from province to province in search of jobs, but the current social security scheme does not support such mobility. This may soon change.
12月24日 16:54
Migrant Workers on a Long Vacation
More and more migrant workers have lost their jobs in the cities and returned to the countryside, adding pressure to rural employment scarcity.
12月19日 16:21


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