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PBOC Blocks Govt Deposits At Banks
The central bank is blocking an attempt by the Ministry of Finance to move more of its cash to deposits at commercial banks, where interest rates are more attractive, since it fears that the move would stoke inflation
8月19日 18:00
Top Banker Switches to Micro Loans
Joe Zhang resigned in June from UBS, where he was head of the investment bank’s Chinese operations, in order to become chairman of Wansui Microloan Co.Ltd, a Guangzhou-based micro-loan company.
7月19日 18:03
Provinces To Issue Own Bonds
Guangdong and Zhejiang are currently agreeing the details for a local bond issue later this year, which would make them the first two provinces to raise money independently on the capital markets, sources have told the EO.
7月6日 16:01
Two Sets of Books: China's Budget
Government spending on unspecified projects is gradually expanding.
5月19日 19:28
Thirteen Cities to Establish Economic Trade Zone with North Korea
On October 26, it was revealed that 13 cities in the Yalu River basin are planning to establish an economic cooperation zone with North Korea...
2月10日 17:07
70 Percent of Loans Meet CBRC's New Requirements
The CBRC conducted a large-scale inspection of the credit conditions of China's commercial banks and 70 percent of loans have met the requirement standards of the
1月26日 16:54
EO's Predictions for the Chinese Economy in 2011
As we enter the new year, the Economic Observer has invited five leading financial analysts to make predictions about the Chinese economy in 2011.
1月10日 18:31
China Postal Savings Bank's Microfinance Breakthrough
The Postal Savings Bank has provided us with a case to consider when pondering how rural microfinance can provide a sustainable business model
11月17日 15:21
Where do China's Wealthy Bank their Money?
A private equity fund issued by the personal banking department of China Merchants Bank (CMB) raised 1.2 billion yuan in a single day.
11月11日 14:59
China Investment Corporation’s First Subsidiary Appears in Hong Kong
When the conditions are ripe in a globally important banking center, the company will establish a subsidiary. Thus, Hong Kong naturally became the first choice...
11月10日 17:53
Interview with Former Chairman of China Merchants Group Qin Xiao
The former banker explains to the EO how the assets of state-owned enterprises should be dispersed among the masses
11月4日 20:33
China's Derivative Market "Great Leap Forward"
Experts expect new regulations to encourage rapid growth and development of China's derivatives market...
10月28日 16:51
China's International Board a Step Closer
If all goes to plan, preparations for the new board will be completed by the beginning of 2011 and it will be launched sometime around April next year.
9月23日 15:33
Local Governments Troubled by Foreign Debt
Presently China owes over 110 billion USD of foreign debt which entered its peak period of repayment in 2008.
9月14日 17:12
Speculators Continue to Wreak Havoc with Agricultural Produce Markets
Following recent spikes in ginger and garlic prices, markets for other kinds of agricultural produce are now becoming targeted by speculators.
8月25日 10:47
Four Ministries Investigate Debt Held by Local Financing Vehicles
Four ministries plan to once again audit the debt owed by financing vehicles controlled by local governments
8月18日 16:50
What Does China's Slowing Growth Rate Mean for Future Policy Settings?
China economists on how the slow down in the rate of country's economic growth will effect policy settings.
8月12日 11:54
New Regulations for Listing on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges
The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have reached a preliminary agreement on how to deal with companies who apply to be listed on both of the two exchanges, the EO learned.
7月21日 17:05
NDRC Stops Approving Government-backed Bond Issues
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has stopped approving applications by local financing platforms to issue bonds.
7月14日 17:07
China Likely to Introduce New Stimulus Measures
Due to concerns over the recent decline in economic indicators, China is likely to launch a new round of economic stimulus measures.
7月9日 15:04


2.3 Million Beijingers No Long
The threshold for Personal Income Tax will be lifted on Thursday to 3,500 yuan a month, from 2,000 yuan, removing 60 mil...
New Top Communist Party Offici
The Central Committee of China's Communist Party has replaced the leading party official in Tibet along with two other w...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


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