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First Negative Export Growth in Seven Years for China
Chinese exports and imports saw negative growth for the first time in seven years, according to the latest Chinese customs data.
12月10日 19:24
500 Billion in T-bonds Brewing
To support its stimulus package, China has been considering issuing 500 billion yuan in long-term construction treasury bonds in 2009.
12月9日 18:40
Second Largest Chinese Bank Gets Approval for New York Branch
Has the financial crisis in the US sped up a Chinese bank's application to set up a branch in New York?
12月9日 17:14
Source: Yet Another Stimulus Plan in China's Policy Pipeline
The EO has learned that top Chinese policymakers are looking at another economic stimulus plan to focus on boosting domestic consumption.
11月26日 18:00
Another China Bailout? 800 Billion Yuan Stabilization Fund Being Reviewed
An anonymous policy recommendation calling for a fund to buy up mainland stocks in the event of a market crash has made its way onto the desk of top banking officials.
11月12日 18:15
Chinese Struggle to Guard Wealth in Tougher Job Market
Asian investors already anxious about losing their jobs have seen their personal wealth evaporate as the global financial crisis barrels onward.
11月6日 16:34
China Reacts in Extraordinary Times
Over the past six weeks, the top tier of Chinese government has reacted with a historic series of policies to the deepening global financial crisis.
10月30日 17:47
China and the US Cut Rates Again
As another round of global response to the financial crisis continues, China cut its one-year benchmark deposit and lending rates last night.
10月30日 12:20
Chinese Internet Firms Face Harsh Road Ahead
Cash-strapped Chinese internet firms are becoming casualties of the credit crisis.
10月30日 10:25
The Revaluation of Ping An
In the wake of one of its investments being ravaged by the credit crisis, Ping An itself has begun to take on water.
10月29日 10:55
China's Economic Growth Slows Down
China's economic growth has hit a five-year low and slowed to a single-digit rate in the first three quarters of this year amidst a global credit crunch.
10月21日 18:46
ICBC Discloses Cooperation with South African Bank
Not all is gloom and doom for Chinese investment in foreign financial institutions--China's largest state-owned bank made millions of dollars from an investment in a South African bank in the first half of 2008.
10月21日 14:42
China Patiently Holds US Bonds
China's staunch holding of US bonds has kept the US economy from unraveling significantly more. But will it continue to do so?
10月17日 17:16
CIC: We'll Get Our Money Out of Reserve Primary
China's sovereign wealth fund, the CIC, has refuted media claims that it has billions of dollars frozen in a US money-market fund.
10月16日 19:24
Beijing's Post-Olympic Blues
In playing host to the Olympic Games, Beijing has suffered harsh blows to its economy.
10月15日 14:40
China Puts Financial Crisis Warning Network to the Test
Chinese regulators are putting to test a financial crisis early warning network that was drafted as early as 2005.
10月15日 12:04
China Poised to Move Investment Targets to Europe
Chinese officials seem poised to diversify a fraction of the country's heavily US-dollar-denominated foreign exchange reserves by investing in Europe.
10月9日 15:58
China Joins Central Banks Elsewhere in Cutting Rates
China joins central banks elsewhere in a coordinated interest rate cuts on Wednesday to surf through the wave of global credit crunch.
10月9日 12:56
Shrinking Coffers Challenge Chinese Finance Ministry
Though central government agencies have struggled to spend their budgets, this summer saw shrinking growth in state revenues that could herald the end of an era of surpluses.
10月8日 16:40
CIC Unlikely to Buy More of Blackstone
China's sovereign wealth fund, China Investment Corporation (CIC), is unlikely to inject more money into US private equity firm Blackstone, which the former had in last year spent multi-billion dollars on.
9月26日 15:02


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