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China's Banking Industry Pocketed 583 Billion Yuan in 2008
The calm eye of the financial storm seemed to have hovered squarely over the Chinese banking industry last year, according to data from China's banking watchdog agency.
2月26日 18:41
China's Budget Deficit to Jump Nine-fold in 2009
As China was poised to pour more funds into stimulating the economy, some high-level officials were debating what level of debt and deficit spending is responsible.
2月24日 18:37
Auditor: Redundancy Found in China's Stimulus Package
China's state audit watchdog discovered redundant infrastructure projects being built with funding from the country's four-trillion-yuan stimulus package.
2月19日 18:55
Slower Growth for China's Balance of Payments Surplus
Despite maintaining a double-surplus in its balance of payments last year, China sees the growth of its surplus slowing.
2月18日 18:47
Restless Chinese Stock Markets a Concern
Credit expansion in China recently may have contributed to a surge of short-term speculative capital in its stock markets.
2月17日 14:37
January Saw 32.6% Drop in Foreign Investment
Actual foreign direct investment (FDI) in China registered a year-on-year drop of 32.6% in January, down to 7.54 billion US dollars.
2月16日 16:52
Officials: Firms Should Report Mass Lay-offs in Advance
Grappling with rising unemployment, China wants companies planning mass lay-offs to alert unions 30 days in advance and submit written reports to the government.
2月11日 17:59
200 Billion Yuan Bonds for Local Governments
China's central government will issue 200 billion yuan of bonds on behalf of cash-strapped local governments, a decision contrary to months of speculations that local administrations might be granted rights to issue their own bonds.
2月11日 15:04
China's CPI and PPI Decelerated
China faces increasing deflationary risks as both its comsumer and producer prices decelerated.
2月10日 19:51
Mainland China and Hong Kong Seal Currency Swap Agreement
Mainland China and Hong Kong agreed on a 200-billion yuan, three-year currency swap agreement to help the financial hub weather the financial storm.
1月20日 17:02
Divestment Dominoes Fall for Chinese Banks
The recent exodus of foreign investment from Chinese banks has shaken regulators into looking for countermeasures.
1月13日 18:27
Chinese Banker Pushes Financial Innvonation
A Chinese banker and a prominent economist dispelling suspicion against financial innovation and market economy in a time of uncertainties, when calls for more state meddling intensified.
1月12日 17:57
Seeking Certainty in 2009
Though Chinese leaders project a recovery for China's economy in the latter half of 2009, some business leaders remain skeptical.
1月8日 14:57
Year 2009 Through the Eyes of Chinese Business Leaders
In a special year-end survey, Chinese business leaders shared a surprising dose of optimism for their firms' performance in 2009.
1月7日 18:50
State Revenue to Grow at Single Digit
China is expecting its first single digit growth rate in state revenue in over a decade, according to Chinese officials.
1月6日 19:07
Left With No Options
As Chinese web companies are hunkering down for a cold winter, demoralized managers are moving on, giving up their stock options and dreams of early retirement.
12月31日 17:34
Lending Crunch Despite Increased Liquidity
A series of stimulus policies introduced by the Chinese government of late had boosted liquidity for banks, but that failed to translate into more lending.
12月25日 18:56
Hurdles for China Development Bank's Reform
China Development Bank has already set sail on its journey to commercialization, but challenges remain on the horizon.
12月16日 13:26
The Diving Renminbi: Who's Playing?
Two financial experts assert that the Chinese government was mostly behind the renminbi's dramatic one-week slide.
12月12日 16:17
Taxman Clamps Down As Revenues Fall
Tax officials have resorted to "shame tactics"-- exposing the names of defaulters in the media -- as fiscal revenues dropped for two consecutive months.
12月11日 19:08


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