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The Ebbs and Flows of Liquidity in China
As capital retreats from the Chinese stock markets and real estate, banks are enjoying higher deposit growth; yet, companies are resorting to costlier underground fundraising.
6月26日 14:16
Chinese Banks to Get US Fed's Nod to Set up Branches
Fears of political motives behind China's sovereign wealth fund, a major stakeholder in the Industrial and Construction Bank of China and China Construction Bank, have created obstacles for the two banks to expand business to the US.
6月25日 13:44
Hot Money: A Decisive Factor in Saving the Market
As a tide of uncertainty rose in the Chinese stock markets, the Chinese government has reconsidered intervention. Some now say the key risk facing China's financial system is now hot money.
6月20日 14:25
China's PPI Entering Critical Zone
With the consumer price index now rising at a less urgent rate, Chinese authorities are turning their attention to producers' prices, which are still shooting up.
6月18日 17:02
The Uncertain Future of the Yuan
Several Chinese researchers thought to be closely associated with exchange rate policymakers have penned reports hinting a reversal in the yuan's appreciation, prompting lowered expectations from overseas investors.
6月4日 15:06
China Replies to Second WTO Review
China's trade policymakers are responding to over 900 queries from WTO members participating in its trade regime review.
6月3日 15:21
Finance Ministry to Redo Budget After Quake
As government spending and reserve funds adapt to fulfill the needs of rebuilding disaster areas, the Ministry of Finance is taking a second look at the 2008 budget.
5月26日 17:37
China Under Trade Policies Reviews by WTO
The time is due for China to undergo a second trade policies review by WTO members. The EO talks to WTO director-general Pascal Lamy on the areas of focus for the review.
5月26日 15:26
More Bars and Hoops for QFII
Regulators will pay closer attention to foreign institutions applying for access to China's A-share market and those already investing in it.
4月30日 13:09
Flowers for the CIC
After grizzling up from previous negotiations on foreign investments, China's sovereign wealth fund settles on JC Flowers as a partner in a 4 billion dollar fund.
4月9日 15:38
A Dark Twelfth Week
The A-share market has entered its twelfth week of decline. Investors and funds are panicking, with some pleading for government intervention.
3月27日 13:35
Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle of Abnormal Credit Boom
Chinese banks have been issuing credits in foreign currency way beyond their means, at least on paper; how did they manage?
3月12日 16:11
Fierce Contest to Manage CIC Assets
Some of the world's top financial players are vying for the favor of China's 200-billion-dollar-strong sovereign wealth fund in an open tendering process.
3月5日 17:54
One Bank, Two Systems: Reforming China's Agro-Finance
With a market listing in its crosshairs, the Agricultural Bank of China will likely have its commercial and policy functions split after a reform plan receives final approval in March.
2月22日 14:38
What China's Storm Might Change
The slew of snowstorms and deep freezes that have swept across China have had a contained but significant effect on businesses, infrastructure, and the economy as a whole.
2月14日 16:01
Day of Reckoning for China's Sovereign Fund
China's sovereign wealth fund has overly concentrated its investments in financial assets, leaving it little room to take further advantage of the credit crunch and making it difficult to paying off debt in February.
1月31日 19:25
East Meets West at Central Bank
A western-educated professor and a veteran mainland banker become new vice-governors at the People's Bank of China, China's central policy bank.
1月9日 13:09
Tracking Down 'Missing' Public Assets
A recent nationwide audit reveals that assets owned by Chinese public institutions are being misused and unrecorded on a massive scale.
1月7日 16:22
Shadowy Investment Body Unveiled... Sort of
More details regarding the new investment body charged with putting China's massive foreign exchange reserves after better returns.
12月6日 17:30
China's Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy
The traditional rivalry between supporters of monetary and fiscal policy has reignited as anticipation of slower growth in China next year mounts.
11月22日 16:20


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