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Chinese Cities Named for RMB Trade Settlement Pilot
Five coastal Chinese cities will participate in a pilot to settle cross-border trade payments in the RMB, part of a greater effort to internationalize the currency.
4月10日 13:17
Timing Key for Growth Enterprise Board
The EO reviews a decade of trials passed by the growth enterprise board before it was set to debut this May.
4月9日 14:56
Shanghai Sees Rising Credit Card Defaults
As credit cards gained momentum in Shanghai, defaults were not far behind.
4月8日 14:20
More Room to Roam for Commercial Banks in China
China's banking regulators were close to removing barriers to expansion for commercial banks.
4月8日 12:24
Chinese Loans Ballooned in March
New loans in China in March reached 1.3 trillion yuan, some 21% or 230 billion yuan higher than February's.
4月3日 17:49
China's RMB Warms Up to Head Abroad
Policy researchers have circulated a report on how to internationalize the Renminbi as China steps up currency swaps around the world.
4月2日 19:03
China Unveils its Growth Enterprise Board
China's securities watchdog announced new regulations governing China's long-awaited growth enterprise board, which will take effect on May 1 this year.
3月31日 16:58
Negotiations Could Deepen Cross-Strait Banking
Passage of a memorandum of understanding could herald a wind of cross-pollination between financial sectors between Taiwan and the mainland.
3月27日 14:29
Little Wiggle Room for China's Foreign Exchange Reserves
A report circulating among Chinese policymakers warns that China's reserved have little flexibility and, under certain circumstances, could even become illiquid.
3月26日 17:02
Interview: Wang Jianxi on CIC and CIC-2
A vice-president of China's sovereign wealth fund stresses the apolitical nature of its investment model and fleshes out news surrounding a second fund soon to be established.
3月20日 15:10
China's Central Bank Pushes New Channels in Debt Financing
China's central bank and an association of institutional investors will in 2009 aggressively push new bond and financing options to open fundraising channels for Chinese businesses.
3月18日 12:06
China's Social Security Fund Bible
China's national social security fund, which has in the past been used by the government to help stabilize Chinese stock markets, suffered single-digit losses in 2008 thanks to a strict risk management system.
3月17日 11:49
China Ready to Launch New Stimulus Plans, If Needed
Wen Jiabao told a Friday press conference that China had many other "bullets" left to deal with the economy, including further injections of stimulus funds.
3月13日 18:24
China's Foreign Reserves: Which Button to Press?
Wu Xiaoling, vice-president of the National People's Congress Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, tells the EO how China's enormous financial reserves evolved and why they could never be used freely to drum up domestic consumption.
3月13日 17:42
China's CPI Plunges into Negative Single Digits
Official data released this morning shows consumer prices sliding and potential deflationary pressure mounting.
3月10日 14:35
Decoding China's Economic Facts and Figures
What do the flurry of facts and figures put out by the Chinese government really mean for the economy? The EO asks a panel of experts.
3月10日 13:30
China's Stimulus Package: A Breakdown of Spending
China's top economic planner has unveiled a new adjusted list of spending under the country's four-trillion-yuan stimulus package.
3月7日 14:48
Is Protectionism a Threat to the World Economy?
Three Chinese experts on foreign trade relations dicuss the probability that trade protectionism would deepen in the wake of the financial crisis.
3月6日 18:30
China's Sovereign Wealth Fund Favors Real Economy
China's sovereign welath fund, the CIC, has distanced itself from the toxic financial assets abroad; instead, it is now taking keen interest in assets backed by the real economy activities - such as the real estate and resource industries.
3月6日 14:08
China Braves the Toughest Year of the Century
Calling 2009 the thoughest year for China's economy, Premier Wen Jiabao outlines this year's economic targets at the opening of the Chinese parliament plenary session.
3月5日 15:44


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