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The Curse of Lehman Brothers
Shanghai-based Hua An Fund Management Co. is one of the casualties of Lehman Brothers' collapse. But the fund also has itself to blame for its current predicament.
9月25日 15:17
More Rate Cuts to Come
The current financial storm in the Wall Street has quickened the pace for China to relax its monetary policy, and market analysts are expecting more interest rate cuts to come.
9月23日 18:02
Chinese Stock Market Looking Up After Government Intervention
The Shanghai composite index has jumped beyond 2,000 points in Friday's morning trading session after the government announced a series of measures on the night of Sept 18.
9月19日 12:46
China's Pension Fund Picks Oversea Investment Managers
Around eight global asset management firms have been picked by China's pension fund as potential managers to look after its overseas investment portfolios.
9月18日 12:14
China Cuts Loan Rate and Deposit Reserve Ratio
Chinese policymakers have cut loan rates to boost liquidity and bolster growth.
9月17日 18:08
Economic Impact of China's VAT Regime Change
Labor-intensive industries are expected to lose out under a proposed Value-added Tax (VAT) regime change in China; and Chinese provinces with resource-based economy might gain.
9月10日 16:05
China Joins Hands with Major SWFs to Set Ground Rules
China has reversed its initial reluctant and joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF)brokered voluntary code of conduct for sovereign wealth funds (SWFs).
9月5日 15:21
A 150-billion-yuan VAT Reform
A value-added tax (VAT) reform under consideration may cause 150-billion yuan revenue loss to the Chinese government, but it could also stimulate the economy.
9月3日 18:26
Short-term Bills to Ease Credit Crunch for SMEs
China's central bank policymakers have recently begun discussing a pilot project to give select small-to-medium sized businesses the ability to float bills through Chinese banks.
9月3日 17:05
Bank of China Denies Terrorist Ties
After a lawsuit was filed against it in the US, Bank of China has denied accusations that it transferred millions of dollars to terrorist groups.
8月27日 19:46
Brewing China's Economic Stimulus Plan
The EO has learned from several government sources that an expansionary formula was under study in case Chinese economic growth slipped further.
8月27日 12:42
China Overtakes US in Japanese Export
China has replaced the US to become Japan's biggest export destination, latest statistics shows; and China's trade surplus against Japan is narrowing for the past years.
8月22日 19:25
Signs of Hot Money Retreating from China
Slower growth for China's foreign exchange reserves and money supply have led market observers to believe that hot money has started retreating from the country.
8月22日 14:54
Record High PPI; Record Low CPI
China's price indexes experienced opposite phenomena - PPI reached a 12-year high in July while its consumer price index hit a 10-month low.
8月12日 18:09
Taking Stock of Beijing Olympic Finances
Worries over post-Olympic debts arise as the Beijing organizing committee ups its budget for the third time, while one research center lowers its expectation on the Games' contribution to Beijing's GDP growth to a mere 0.8%.
8月8日 11:11
Yuan Fluctuations May Hint at Policy Shift
Recent ticks in the yuan's exchange rate have convinced many that for the latter half of 2008, it's speedy cruise-control appreciation will be tweaked. What are policymakers responding to?
8月7日 14:33
Risks of Overheating is Over for China
A recent report by the Chinese State Information Center concluded that China has averted risks of its economy overheating, and economists suggest that downside risks have increased.
7月23日 16:31
China Maintains Double-Digit Growth, Albeit Slower
Official statistics say that China has retained double-digit growth for the first half of this year, albeit at a slower rate, in the face of world economic fluctuations and domestic natural disasters.
7月17日 17:52
Battle Plan for China's Sovereign Wealth Fund
China's 200-billion-strong sovereign wealth fund has set aside 80 billion dollars for overseas investment, and Morgan Stanley has become the asset allocation architect.
7月3日 12:42
One Ministry to be Keeper of Trillions in State Financial Assets
China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) would likely be entrusted with managing the country's 60 trillion yuan worth of state-owned financial assets.
6月27日 18:07


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