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700 Billion Yuan Extra
For the first time ever, the Ministry of Finance has volunteered to consult with the NPC beforehand on how to best utilize this year's massive surplus in government revenues.
11月1日 15:47
Prices Polarizing Chinese Consumers
As everyday goods become more and more expensive, Chinese spending and investment habits are adapting to withstand the pressure.
10月17日 14:21
A Peak at the FEIC
Developments surrounding the new state-run foreign exchange investment body are being followed closely by both foreign governments worried about its scope and big institutional investors eager for its business. This week, two reports are being reviewed by
7月27日 15:07
First Solve People's Basic Needs
The government should invest more in public service and welfare in order to encourage Chinese to save less and consume more. Only then will domestic demand replace exports and investment as the driving force of growth.
7月23日 17:06
In The Shadow of a Setting Sun
While economists compare 1980's pre-depression Japan to China today, a fresh volley of arrows is loosened by economic policy-makers and market watchdogs.
6月4日 18:41
When Sheep Are Bulls
Six renowned scholars were invited to a special meeting at the highest levels of government to discuss the market's potential to burst.
5月18日 18:24
SOE's: Don't Rush into Finance
SOE's must ignore the incentives to enter the financial industry and focus on their core products.
5月9日 18:25
The Color Revolution Should Continue
Agencies holding onto the Green GDP report should stop stalling its release lest public skepticism continue to grow and a poor precedent be set.
4月24日 10:35
Tight Policy, Disappearing Liquidity
The central bank will continue to pursue counter-cyclical policy measures to reign in the overheating economy.
4月19日 12:53
Xinhua: Think Tank Suggests Yuan Flexibility
A state-owned think tank calls for a more flexible yuan valuation system and for the government to stop focusing on economic symptoms.
3月30日 12:51
Waiting for Greener GDP
Publication of the 2005 green GDP report has been delayed, but sources say that the calculations are in and 2005 was worse for the environment than 2004.
3月28日 10:03
Xinhua: Bohai Bank Launches Forex Reform
Bohai Bank is given leeway in forex trading as the Binhai New Area becomes the focus of certain new financial reforms.
3月22日 17:47
Xinhua: Central Banker Positive on Inflation
Zhou Xiaochuan of the People's Bank of China made reassuring statements about the Chinese economy and its current rate of inflation.
3月22日 17:47
The Bull Market in 2007
The market looks to continue it's bullish march.
2月6日 16:25
Are Our Forex Reserves Really Too Big?
A closer look at China's forex reserves reveals a cautious strategy of risk diversification that should be praised and encouraged.
2月6日 16:04
Why Are Chinese Companies Saving So Much?
Chinese firms are out-saving the government and private citizens.
2月6日 15:36


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