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Seeking Equilibrium: Rebalancing China's Economy
What do Chinese economists think China's economy will look like in the coming decades?
10月20日 20:21
Local Governments Court Beijing's Central Enterprises
Local authorities seek the cover of central enterprises to continue to fund their projects
9月16日 15:24
Where Will China's Stock and Real Estate Markets Go from Here?
Where are China's stock and real estate markets headed? Will they continue to fall or is a rebound likely?
9月3日 19:15
China's Marshall Plan in the Making?
The Ministry of Commerce recently received a proposal suggesting that China should draw from its foreign reserves and extend loans to developing countries in order to boost their demand for Chinese exports.
8月26日 13:22
Hot Money Returns to China
Short-term speculative funds, also known as hot money, have started flowing into China at an unprecedented rate.
8月14日 17:23
Economists Predict New Loans Fell Sharply in July
Experts predict that the value of new loans issued in July was much less than those issued in June.
8月4日 12:04
Economic Restructuring Should Take the Market as its Guiding Principle
The Economic Observer sat with Wu Xiaoling to discuss how the stimulus package is being implemented and whether China's economy really has recovered from the downturn.
7月10日 11:44
Ningxia to Spearhead Islamic Finance in China
Ningxia is set to take the lead in trialling Islamic financial services in China.
7月2日 14:23
World Bank Raises China Growth Forecast
The World Bank has raised its growth forecast for China to 7.2 percent for 2009.
6月18日 13:36
China's Fiscal Revenue Up 4.8% in May
China's national fiscal revenues in May grew by 4.8% over last year's figure, registering its first positive year-on-year growth for the first time this year.
6月16日 16:08
China's Inflation Remained Negative in May
The CPI registered a year-on-year decline of 1.4% in May and the PPI dropped 7.2% from a year earlier.
6月10日 11:56
China's Hidden Bankruptcy
Hidden bankruptcies via other means have emerged since a new set of bankruptcy laws came into force two years ago.
6月5日 17:40
Issue of Treasury Bonds Likely to Increase in Second Half
China's Ministry of Finance hinted that the country was likely to increase the amount of treasury bonds issued in the second half of 2009.
6月4日 18:14
Mitigating Debt Bomb for Chinese Local Governments
China's banking watchdog fears bad performing loans would rise, as Chinese banks compete with each other to lend to local government-led stimulus projects.
6月1日 9:29
Numbers Game: Analyzing China's Macroeconomic Statistics
China's April economic data has been met with conflicting interpretations and suspicion over inconsistencies in the numbers
5月20日 18:47
China's Fiscal Revenue Fell 13.6% in April
China registered a fiscal surplus of 265 billion yuan through April, but the outlook for the rest of the year is grim, with an estimated annual budget deficit of 950 billion yuan this year.
5月15日 17:34
CSRC Issues Listing Rules for New Growth Enterprise Board
China's Nasdaq-style Growth Enterprise Board is one step closer to reality with the release of draft regulations covering listing rules for the new market earlier this month.
5月14日 18:43
China to Tighten Government Purchases of Imported Goods
Officials from the Ministry of Finance called on the government to give preference to domestic goods and services in procurement.
4月28日 17:20
China's Ministries Suggest Trade Financing Channels
Chinese ministries have proposed the establishment of a government-backed credit guarantee firm to solve financing difficulties for smaller Chinese firms.
4月22日 17:42
Stats Bureau: Positive Signs for China's Economy
A glimmer of hope shined through economic data released by China's statistics bureau on Thursday morning.
4月16日 13:46


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