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China to Have World's Second Largest Fiscal Revenue
China is expected to collect a government revenue of eight trillion yuan this year, giving it the second largest fiscal revenue in the world.
7月2日 18:04
Energy-rich Provinces Advocate National Roll-out of Resource Tax
Xinjiang's move to pilot a new-look resource tax has attracted the attention of other resource-rich provinces.
6月10日 14:48
Government-Owned Websites to be Listed on A-share Market
Ten Chinese government-owned media websites are likely to be listed on the A-share stock market in the next few years
5月26日 17:39
Cash-strapped Central Huijin Considers Bond Issue
The cash-strapped Central Huijin Investment Company, the domestic investment subsidiary of China's sovereign wealth fund - China Investment Corporation, is likely to issue yuan-denominated bonds.
5月17日 18:09
China to Strengthen Financial Oversight
China is planning to establish a Financial Supervision Coordination Commission (FSCC) to monitor large financial players who are involved in the securities, insurance and banking sectors.
5月14日 16:58
China's Securities Regulator to Establish Association for Listed Companies
China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), China's top securities regulator, is preparing to establish an association of listed companies, various sources from the CSRC, listed companies and stock brokers revealed to the EO.
5月13日 18:20
The Decline of Foreign Banks in China
According to the International Financial Market Report, the market share of foreign banks in China fell...
5月6日 15:39
MOF Concerned About Potential Blow Out in Trade Surplus
China's Ministry of Commerce is worried about the potential of a mid-year record trade surplus.
4月20日 14:09
Local Governments to Receive Larger Slice of Tax Revenue
China's central government is planning to grant more rights to local governments so that they can collect more tax.
4月12日 18:46
New Measures Set to Rein in Regular End-of-Year-Surge in Government Spending
The Ministry of Finance wants to put an end to the annual spike in government spending that occurs at the end of every year.
3月31日 19:37
A Close Look at CIC's Recent Investments
CIC has begun to focus on investment in private equity funds and domestic heavy industry.
3月30日 18:58
Executive Pay at Chinese Banks to be Tied to Risk Management Performance
The China Banking Regulatory Commission is considering a plan that will link executive pay to a banker's ability to manage risk.
3月10日 16:55
Ping An Group's Acquisition of 30% Stake in Shenzhen Development Bank Approved
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd has reportedly received approval from the State Council to acquire a 30 percent stake in Shenzhen Development Bank (SDB).
3月4日 19:01
Audio: Interview with World Bank's Lead Economist
Listen below to the Economic Observer's interview with Ardo Hansson, lead economist at the World Bank's China office.
1月15日 16:55
China's Stock Markets Enter New Era
Major reforms to China's financial system are set to be introduced over coming months with the country's securities watchdog finally giving approval for trading to begin on the country's first stock index futures exchange and securities companies also bei
1月14日 16:51
Fine-Tuning or Policy Shift? - China Quickens Pace of Monetary Policy Tightening
Over the past week, the People's Bank of China has taken three steps to reduce the amount of money sloshing around in the country's financial markets.
1月14日 15:16
China's Sovereign Wealth Fund After Another 200 Billion US Dollars
It's rumored that CIC, will apply to the State Council for the injection of another 200 billion US Dollars from China's foreign exchange reserves.
11月25日 20:19
QDII Losses Tied to Alleged Corruption Scandal at Standard Chartered
Huge losses on products sold as part of China's QDII scheme might have had more to do with suspect products being sold by a corrupt banker than the global market turmoil of the past year.
11月23日 16:04
Central Huijin to Fund Restructuring of State-owned Export Insurer
China's State Council recently approved plans to reform both the shareholding and management structure of China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure).
11月20日 13:25
Regulators to Conduct Stress Tests on China's Banks
Local banking regulators have begun carrying out stress tests to help gauage the risks posed by the huge amount of new loans issued over the past year.
11月13日 13:20


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