We Need to Get Over Our Obsession with Luxury Goods
True wealth is gauged not by the number of villas or Prada bags you own
EO Editorial Board | 2011-04-13
The Art of Delay
It's Impossible to Control Housing Prices if Local Governments Refuse to Act
EO Editorial Board | 2011-03-30
A Call for a Transparent Budget that Everyone Can Understand
If the Ministry of Finance is unable to produce a budget that can be understood by everyone, then it's not doing its job properly
EO Editorial Board | 2011-03-02
The Best Way to Deal with Wealth Inequality is to Encourage Wealth Creation
If we continue to focus on the topic of wealth distribution and stop talking about the problems of how to create wealth, how long will it be before our society is in crisis?
EO Editorial Board | 2011-02-25
Why Does Chinese Inflation Keep Exceeding Official Targets?
Are policy makers and local governments willing to settle for slower economic growth?
EO Editorial Board | 2011-02-21
Purchase Restrictions Violate the Rights of the People
Why is our government imposing restrictions on two basic rights? Restrictions have added great inconveniences to people's daily lives and have crippled ordinary demand and expanded the government's authority.
EO Editorial Board | 2011-01-25
What Can a Government do to Make its People Happy?
A simple formula for how the Chinese government can help to make its citizens happier
Editorial Board | 2011-01-19
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Reform of China's Public Institutions On Central Government's Agenda
The State Council plans to split off the commercial operations and reform the retirement benefits of employees of China's public institutions
Source:China Securities Journal
Beijing's Public Servants Told to Exit Social Organizations
Both party and government officials told to relinquish their role in the vast array of business associations, social welfare organizations or charities
Source:The Beijing News
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