Will China Repeat the Mistakes it Made in 2008?
For the past two weeks, observers of the Chinese economy have been in a period of confusion over whether or not China will increase interest rates and appreciate the value of the RMB
EO Editorial Board | 2010-05-18
No Pain No Gain: Regulating the Property Market in the Long-term
In the wake of the central government issuing ten policies to curb China's speculative property market, local governments are following suit; some are taking an even tougher position.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-05-12
Let Us Learn From Disaster
Disaster should be a record of our progress. Reevaluating our construction quality, founding a disaster-relief system...
EO Editorial Board | 2010-04-27
Protection Against Overheating Puts Local Government at Risk
Together, increasing interest rates and applying pressure on the property bubble form a "double-squeeze" on local governments
EO Editorial Board | 2010-04-20
How Many "36 Guidelines" Do We Need?
The answer is quite simple: we only need one.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-04-09
How Can We Save Ourselves from Sandstorms?
Areas of China have once again been struck by sandstorms. We should admit that humans are to blame for the frequency of these sandstorms.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-03-31
Beijing's Traffic Restrictions are Not a Long-term Solution
Beijing's traffic restrictions should only remain in place temporarily.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-03-24
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Citizens Express Anger toward Local Governments by Committing Suicide
On September 10th, in an effort to save their home, three family members attempted self-immolation.
Source:Sourthern Daily
CASS: 40% of Government Income from Non-tax Revenue
The Chinese government collected 10.8 trillion yuan in fiscal revenue in 2009, equivalent to 32.2 percent of the country's GDP for the year.
Source:China Academy of Social Science
Interview with Sir Martin Sorrell - Chief Executiv...
The EO sits down with the chief executive of the world's largest advertising group


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