Let Banks Practise Real Business Decision
The enthusiasm of Chinese banks in giving out loans is driven by both commercial and political considerations.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-05-26
A "Social Vaccine" against Influenza
By drawing on the resources of the community and approaching the epidemic in a calm fashion, China can develop a "social vaccine" against influenza.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-05-19
Stepping Out: RMB Goes Global
The RMB's internationalization won't happen overnight. What will be the nature of the currency's future role? And how will it will be able ascend to this prized position?
EO Editorial Board | 2009-05-11
Slipping Past the Anti-monopoly Law
A massive telecom merger last Fall has inexplicably slipped past anti-trust review, setting a dangerous precedent for state-owned firms as they speed-up restructuring efforts.
Editorial staff | 2009-05-04
A Shift is Needed, But Not Overnight
China needs to transition from being an export-driven economy to a consumption-driven one, but it cannot happen overnight. Getting through the crisis means finding a middle road.
Editorial Staff | 2009-04-13
China: No Longer Just a Quiet Listener
When Chinese leaders attend the G20 this week, don't expect them to sit quietly. New responsibilities in the world economy mean China will also demand a greater voice and a right to pursue its own agenda.
Editorial board | 2009-03-30
What Are We Afraid of?
Though based on sound legal ground, the blocked Coca-Cola purchase of Huiyuan is worth extra scrutiny. Why is it in the public interest and under the spotlight?
EO Editorial Board | 2009-03-23
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New Loans Continue to Fall in August
The amount of new loans issued in August may have fallen to less than 300 billion yuan.
Source:Economic Observer
OPhones to Take on iPhone
The 3G-enabled Lenovo Mobile OPhone is likely to provide stiff competition to Apple's iPhone in the China market.
Source:China Mobile
Taxing Times
China's tax bureau aims to collect an additional 100 billion in tax before the end of the ...


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