Time to Reevaluate China's Loose Credit Policy
Now is the time for authorities to reassess their macroeconomic policies.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-07-15
Policy Pragmatism Still Matters
Public opinion should welcome the Green Dam decision, and the government should continue to be pragmatic in approaching similar problems in the future
EO Editorial Board | 2009-07-08
Preventing Epidemics Requires a Global View
In regard to preventing the spread of H1N1, a more integrated approach is required.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-06-29
You Can Doubt the Quality of the Recovery, but you Can't Doubt the Recovery
Recently, there have been as many opinion pieces spruiking the likelihood of an economic recovery, as those raising doubts about the prospect of a recovery.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-06-22
Anticipating China's Growth Enterprise Board
China's Nasdaq-like GEB is about to come into existence, and all the market players and government departments have plenty of ideas and expectations of how it will look.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-06-15
Is Private Capital just an Emergency Service?
We seem to have entered into a strange cycle. In the good years, few people care about private capital, while in the bad times, everyone pins their hopes on private capital.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-06-10
High Hopes for Administrative Reforms in Shenzhen
Three decades after leading the way as China's first Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen is once again at the forefront of another comprehensive reform program.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-06-03
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China Begins Registration of Stock Index Futures Trading Accounts
The introduction of China's first stock index futures exchange moved a step closer yesterday when Chinese investors began lodging applications to set up trading accounts on the new board.
Source:China Securities Regulatory Commission
China's CPI Up 1.5% in January
China's CPI registered a year-on-year increase of 1.5 percent in January, the National Bureau of Statistics announced Thursday.
Source:National Bureau of Statistics
Year-end Special: China's Road to Recovery
A digital book tracing the economic developments that have shaped China over the past year...


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