China's Gender Balance Improves Despite Increase in Proportion of Male Newborns
Despite an increase in the proportion of male births per 100 female births, China has a more balanced gender composition than any time in the past 50 years.
Guo Wei | 2011-04-29
Weibo Diplomacy: Embassies on China's Microblogs
Which country's microblog is the most popular?
Guo Wei | 2011-04-01
China Poll: Military Action in Libya
Respondents doubt the motives of those leading the attacks
| 2011-03-25
70% of Officials Want more Government Transparency
What Chinese officials think about government transparency.
Guo Wei | 2011-02-28
China Poll: 44.7% of Chinese Feel Happy
A recent CCTV survey shows that 44.7% of Chinese citizens are happy, and 11.1% believe they are unhappy or very unhappy...
Xinhua Net | 2011-01-12
China Poll: Would You Mooch to Get What You Want?
Many people are willing to leech off the wealthly and powerful
| 2010-12-10
China Poll: What are the advantages of China’s Political System?
70% of the public do not know and do not care
| 2010-11-29
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NDRC Meets With Coal Companies to Discuss Prices
The NDRC is unlikely to introduce strict price controls immediately, but if prices continue to rise it remains an option
Source:Economic Observer Online
Haikou Considers End to Property Purchase Restrictions as Market Cools...
After government revenues dropped, the mayor announced that the city plans to limit prices but not restrict purchases
Source:Economic Observer Online
China Policy Barometer 2011 (Part II)
A look at what the heads of 23 central government departments view as the most important g...


Despite an increase in the proportion of male births per 100 female births, China has a more balance...
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