Online Poll: Do you think prices have gone up?
Do recent CPI figures mean that inflation has bottomed out?
EO Editorial Board | 2009-09-17
Online Poll: Have fuel price rises affected you?
Prices at the pump have gone up by between 0.22 yuan and 0.26 yuan per liter.
| 2009-09-07
Online Poll: China's Overseas Acquisitions
Are state-owned enterprises playing too large a role in overseas acquisitions?
EO Editorial Team | 2009-08-31
Online Poll: SOEs and Housing Prices
Is investment from SOEs in the property market causing housing prices to rise?
| 2009-08-21
Online Poll: Consumer Finance
Can consumer finance stimulate domestic consumption?
| 2009-08-17
Online Poll: Outcome of Iron Ore Negotiations
How much of a discount will China's steel mills receive?
| 2009-07-27
Online Poll: Is Hot Money Starting to Flow Back to China?
Let us know what you think - take part in our online poll
| 2009-07-23
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Google to Stop Censoring Search Results in China
Google has announced that they are no longer willing to continue censoring their search results on
China Raises Cash Reserve Ratio
The People's Bank of China has announced that as of Jan 18, it will raise the deposit reserve ratio for deposit-taking financial institutions by 0.5 of a percentage point.
Year-end Special: China's Road to Recovery
A digital book tracing the economic developments that have shaped China over the past year...


Will Tighter Credit Rein in Housing Prices?
Tracking the global expansion of China's oil companies