Online Poll: Investing in 2010
Where will you put you money next year?
| 2009-11-25
Online Poll: Time to raise interest rates?
Is it the right time to wind back loose monetary policy?
| 2009-11-09
Online Poll: A US recovery?
Has the US economy really begun to recover?
| 2009-11-02
Online Poll: Monetary Policy
When will China start tightening its monetary policy?
| 2009-10-28
Online Poll: The Return of the State
Is the "advance of the state and retreat of private enterprise" really occuring?
| 2009-10-20
Online Poll: Executive Pay
Do you think senior executive salaries at SOEs are too high?
| 2009-09-30
Online Poll: Housing Prices
Has the real estate market reached a turning point?
| 2009-09-25
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China's CPI Up 2.8% in April
China's CPI rose 2.8 percent in April from a year earlier according to the National Bureau of Statistics
Source:National Bureau of Statistics
China's Looming Inflation
With increased costs for labor, industrial materials and agricultural products, inflation is becoming increasingly apparent in China.
Source:Shenzhen News
Year-end Special: China's Road to Recovery
A digital book tracing the economic developments that have shaped China over the past year...


Has liquidity really been tightened?
Tracking the global expansion of China's oil companies