44.7% of Chinese Feel Happy

By Chen Ximeng
Published: 2011-01-12

CCTV recently released the results of its survey on the economic livelihood of Chinese citizens。The survey was recently completed in 2010 and involved 80 thousand people.

It shows that 44.7 percent of those surveyed feel happy or very happy; 11.1 percent believe they are unhappy or very unhappy.

Another survey related to the same topic that was conducted from 2006-2009 by China Economic Weekly shows that happiness is correlated to family income.

Correlation Between Family Income and Happiness in 2009

But a high income level does not necessarily equal happiness. While low income families tend to have a lower sense of happiness, the proportion of respondents who felt "unhappy" or "very unhappy" among the wealthiest is much higher than those with medium or high income levels which indicates that the effects of income on happiness may lessen once people reach a certain level of income.

Percent of Income Devoted to Expenses by Happiness Level in 2007

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