China Poll: What do People Think of the Military Action in Libya?

By Qi Changlong
Published: 2011-03-25

The website of Phoenix TV, a popular Chinese-language news portal, currently includes a survey asking readers about their attitude towards the attempts by a coalition of countries to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.

Over 500,000 votes have been registered so far and the survey is set to remain live until April 20.

Below we've translated the results of the survey as of 5pm on Friday March 25th.

The results are almost the inverse of a similar survey conducted by CNN on public attitudes in America towards the establishment of the no-fly zone. Where as 70% of American respondents supported military action, 70% of respondents to the Phoenix poll were opposed.

1. Do you support or oppose the military action led by the U.S., Britian, France and other western countries against Libya?

A. Support, because the Gaddafi administration attacks Libyan civilians, it is right for the international community to prevent a humanitarian disaster (25.3%)
B. Support, because the action of this western military alliance was authorized by the U.N. Security Council (2.3%)
C. Oppose, as the U.S. U.K and France have double standards - they ignore or even support the suppression of protesters in Bahrain and Yemen (57.9%)
D. Oppose, both the Gaddafi administration and the Libyan opposition have broken the no-fly zone, the French, British and Americans are using humanitarian grounds as an excuse for any civilian deaths (12.5%)
E. It's hard to say (2.0%)

2.What do you think is the purpose of these western countries in launching military action against the Libyan military?

To protect the Libyan opposition party and civilians (22.8%)
B. To obtain acess to Libyan oil in the future (73.1%)
C. Respondig to domestic pressure from those who oppose Gaddafi (2.8%)
D. Other (1.3%)
3. How do you view France's willingness to step up and be the first country to take military action?

A. Understandable due to proximity and ongoing connections to Libyan affairs (31.3%)
B. I don't understand as France was opposed to the invasion of Iraq (2.4%)
C. A declining power is seizing the opportunity to make the most of the situation. (25.2%)
D. It's an election year in France and Sarkozy wants to win votes (37.5%)
E. Other reasons (3.6%)
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