China Poll: How Important are Grey Skills?
70% of Chinese Believe Drinking and Playing Cards Are Important Office Skills.
| 2010-11-22
China Poll: Are Chinese Officials Afraid of the Internet?
According to a recent survey the answer is overwhelmingly yes.
| 2010-11-17
China Poll: Sino-Japanese Relations
What is the first thing you think of when someone refers to Japan?
| 2010-11-09
China Poll: 360 or QQ?
Which one will you uninstall?
| 2010-11-05
China Poll: Employment Trends Among Returnee Graduates
77 percent of retrunee graduates land a job in less than 3 months
| 2010-10-28
China Poll: Buying A House
How many people are planning to buy?
| 2010-10-20
China Poll: Birth Control
The China Population Communication Center asks women about contraception
| 2010-10-13
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NDRC Meets With Coal Companies to Discuss Prices
The NDRC is unlikely to introduce strict price controls immediately, but if prices continue to rise it remains an option
Source:Economic Observer Online
Haikou Considers End to Property Purchase Restrictions as Market Cools...
After government revenues dropped, the mayor announced that the city plans to limit prices but not restrict purchases
Source:Economic Observer Online
China Policy Barometer 2011 (Part II)
A look at what the heads of 23 central government departments view as the most important g...


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