China Poll: 360 or QQ?

By Zhang Chao
Published: 2010-11-05

If forced to uninstall either QQ or 360safe, which one would you choose?

What do Chinese internet users think of the faceoff between Tencent and 360safe?

Mop,one of China's most influential online communities surveyed over 100,000 netizens on the subject.

The website asked participants, if forced to uninstall either QQ or 360safe, which one would you choose?
As of 2.20pm on Thursday, of the 136,369 people who had voted in the online poll:

60.7% said they would uninstall 360safe
32.7% would uninstall QQ
6.6% said they would stop using both

Most participants who chose to keep QQ said that QQ had become an important part of their life.

"My brothers and sisters use QQ, my colleagues and classmates use QQ, even my clients do business through QQ. I don't like QQ's threat but I can't stop using it," said 32-year-old Fan Qicheng, salesman at a State-owned company that has uninstalled 360's free anti-virus software.

So does this mean users that have both QQ and 360safe installed on their computers are all lining up behind QQ? Not necessarily.
According to a survey conducted by the China Internet Information Center's Peace Forum, of the roughlt 800 people who took the time to vote:

75.93% support 360safe in the dispute
3.6% of the voters support QQ


16.09% think they should take legal steps to settle the dispute
4.38% say affiliated government authorities should step in

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