How are Immelt and Liu Chuanzhi Different?
A successful industrial upgrading will surely defeat foreign enterprises while a failure to upgrade is equivalent to defeat for Chinese enterprises.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-07-13
Tax Cuts are Not the Solution, Reforming the Taxation System is
Tax reduction should be a long-term policy and we should simultaneously reform the taxation system.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-07-06
The Nature of Bribery Scandals in China
Multinational corporations are currently facing unprecedented challenges in China regarding the morality of their business transactions
EO Editorial Board | 2010-06-29
We Shouldn't Pursue Convictions at the Cost of Justice
Recently, the Ministry of Public Security has determined that to tackle the current complex public security situation, a seven-month long crackdown will be conducted on serious crime nationwide.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-06-24
An Unfinished Task: The Incomplete Reform of China's State-owned Banks
It remains a great challenge for all of China's state-owned banks to manage themselves like real commercial banks free of government interference.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-06-15
Workers Have a Right to Decent Work
Labor disputes still can not be resolved smoothly because there is no effective and fair negotiating mechanism.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-06-07
Emigration Trend Among Chinese Elites is Worth Examination
Why are we still paying attention to the departure of China's elite and the reasons why they are leaving?
EO Editorial Board | 2010-05-25
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Chinese Banks Approach Lending Limit for 2010
Given the offical lending ceiling of 7.5 trillion yuan for 2010, banks will only issue 80 billion yuan worth of new loans in December
Source:Economic Observer Online
Zhang Weiying Removed as Dean of Guanghua School of Management
Zhang's removal has been attributed to his radical views, which distracted him from the responsibilities of being a dean.
Source:Economic Observer Online
Interview with Václav Klaus - President of the Cze...
"I do not think there is a problem with our climate"


Many people are willing to leech off the wealthly and powerful
Tracking the global expansion of China's oil companies