The Policy-based Housing Cover-Up
No one can doubt the government's enthusiasm for policy-based housing. But the flaws of the policy have been purposely concealed.
EO Editorial Board | 2011-01-11
The Benefits of Slowing Down
Will China's high speed growth rate last? Maybe it is time to revise China's development model.
EO Editorial Board | 2011-01-05
National Will Should follow Individual Voice
Only when a country respects personal will and provides clear channels to transform numerous individual aspirations into national aspirations, will it have a real future.
By Wei Liming | 2010-12-30
Maintaining Professional Integrity and Personal Dignity
Recently, microbloggers have questioned the conduct of the executives and reporters at the Economic Observer by suggesting that they have accepted illegal bribes. In the week following the rumor's spread, we made no public response. However we have not been irresponsible.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-12-13
Who's Accountable for the Fire that Should Never Have Happened?
As long as government officials do not feel that they are empowered by the people, they will never seriously respond to people's demands...
EO Editorial Board | 2010-11-23
Independent Monetary Policy is Vital for China
In order to have greater control over our own monetary policy, China should allow greater exchange rate flexibility
EO Editorial Board | 2010-11-09
Post-Expo, How Can We Improve People's Lives?
Will China solve its domestic problems with as much enthusiasm as it organized the Olympic Games and the World Expo?
EO Editorial Board | 2010-11-02
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Reform of China's Public Institutions On Central Government's Agenda
The State Council plans to split off the commercial operations and reform the retirement benefits of employees of China's public institutions
Source:China Securities Journal
Beijing's Public Servants Told to Exit Social Organizations
Both party and government officials told to relinquish their role in the vast array of business associations, social welfare organizations or charities
Source:The Beijing News
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