The Only Answer is Political Reform
Without reforming the political system, we cannot guarantee the benefits that economic reform brings, nor will we be able to continue to push ahead with reforms to the economic system and social reform will also fail
EO Editorial Board | 2010-10-22
The Real China and the Real World
The world has discovered that China is not taking the path of development that optimistic observers had imagined.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-10-12
Terms of Debate: Moving Beyond Patriots vs Traitors
The debate over the best way to respond to the Diaoyu Island Incident should not become a test of who is a genuine patriot
EO Editorial Board | 2010-09-30
Who is Stymieing our Charity?
Regulations imposed by the Chinese government are reducing people's willingness to give to charity.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-09-21
Why Aren't Private Enterprises Growing?
Industrial entrance barriers are the biggest reason for the lack of private enterprise growth in China.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-09-07
Unveling the Hidden Costs of Listing
Companies are using investor money to pay for the costs of being listed on the stock market.
EO Editorial Board | 2010-08-24
The Social Responsibilities of Public Institutions
Public institutions are avoiding social responsibilities
EO Editorial Board | 2010-08-17
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Reform of China's Public Institutions On Central Government's Agenda
The State Council plans to split off the commercial operations and reform the retirement benefits of employees of China's public institutions
Source:China Securities Journal
Beijing's Public Servants Told to Exit Social Organizations
Both party and government officials told to relinquish their role in the vast array of business associations, social welfare organizations or charities
Source:The Beijing News
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