Hotlines Published by Shanxi Communist Party Ring Unanswered

By Pang Lei
Published: 2011-03-24

In attempt to "strengthen discipline" ahead of a new round of elections and appointments of political and party positions in Shanxi this year, the Provincial Discipline Inspection Committee and the Organization Department of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee published a list in the Shanxi Daily on March 19 of the mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the 260 heads of the Organization Department and Discipline Inspection Committee for all the various cities and counties in the province.

Southern Metropolis Daily reported on Tuesday, that when a reporter from the paper tried to call all the numbers on the list, 145 numbers could not be called for various reasons that ranged from the number being disconnected to the phone being turned off.

An official from the province's organization department has since told a Xinhua News Agency journalist that all officials are required to make sure their phones are on and can be reached and that the department will remind officials of their obligations and release more specific guidelines.

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