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Beijing's Flash Flood
6月24日 17:34
Slideshow: Top Stories of 2010
1月11日 14:45
In Pictures: Burst Water Mains in Zhengzhou
11月26日 13:57
In Pictures: The Shanghai Fire
11月19日 10:41
In Pictures: The Last Days of Old Nanjing
A look at Nanjing local government's controversial urban reconstruction project
6月11日 14:40
In pictures: Post-Quake Life in Beichuan
Despite many people losing their spouse in last year's disaster, life still goes on in Beichuan. Twenty couples participated in a group wedding in Beichuan on April 26.
5月12日 18:24
In Pictures: Post-Quake Sichuan, From Stone to Steel
The Qiang people of Yangliu village, Sichuan province, have embraced a new technique of home building since the 8-magnitude earthquake devastated their homes a year ago.
5月11日 16:52
In Pictures: A Lasting Dry Spell
A drought in Henan has left a large population of farmers clinging to their livelihoods.
2月20日 17:43
In Pictures: the Red Myth of Nanjie
A model communist village, or a big lie?
11月20日 18:17
In Pictures: The Bright Shell of Shenyang
Despite a fresh coat of paint on Shenyang's outer shell, the industrial Chinese city's heart remains raw.
10月24日 16:19
In Pictures: Quake Aftermath in a Sleepy Hollow Town
Just over three months after the devastating Sichuan earthquake that took tens of thousands of lives, another 6.1-magnitude quake hit the province's southern-end.
9月12日 15:00
In Pictures: New School Term Under Quake Shadow
A new school term begins every September 1, yet children in quake-hit Ningqiang county, Shaanxi province, may not have new schools to return to.
9月1日 18:10
Life Continues in Sichuan
Photo essay: Small towns in ravaged Wenchuan are gradually recuperating from the earthquake, with families preparing to move into sturdier temporary housing.
7月9日 13:45
Flood hit Southern China
In Pictures: The rainy season in south China has flooded several provinces this year; photographer Luo Jian arrived in Guizhou in early June to take stock of the ground situation.
6月26日 14:34
In Pictures: Waiting in Water
Weeks after the Yellow River burst its bank, villagers near Erdos, Inner Mongolia, were still waiting for the water to subside.
5月9日 18:02
In Pictures: Vanishing into Sand
A village in Gansu vanishes as its last inhabitants concede to the ravages of a growing desert.
4月18日 16:29
In Pictures: Leaving Leprosy Behind
Once a confinement camp for leprosy patients, the remote Dayingpan village is gradually ridding itself of the disease, yet discrimination remains.
4月3日 17:35
In Pictures: The Throes of Displacement
Brick by brick, a town struggles to rebuild after being displaced by a water project.
3月7日 18:47
In Pictures: Drugs, AIDS on the Myanmar Border
Drugs smuggled across the Myanmar border into China have fueled an explosion of intravenous drug use and left Longchuan county decimated by AIDS.
2月22日 17:24
In Pictures: Maimed by Mines
Villagers living along the Sino-Vietnam border are still bearing the costs of a war that happened some 30 years ago.
2月1日 20:44


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