Considered Opinion: The Yao Jiaxin Case
The court has announced that they will announce the verdict and sentence in the high-profile murder case on Apr 22
Qi Changlong | 2011-04-21
Commentary from This Week's Paper
China deserves apology over Renault case, rising costs of burials and how to reduce the price of fuel
English Editorial Team | 2011-04-14
We Need to Get Over Our Obsession with Luxury Goods
True wealth is gauged not by the number of villas or Prada bags you own
EO Editorial Board | 2011-04-13
Guangxi's Proposed Anti-Abortion Policy is a Disgrace
China has a powerful "family planning department". It can prohibit women from giving birth and it can also prevent women from not giving birth
Wang Lei | 2011-04-07
Commentary from This Week's Paper
The "Passion" of Yao Jiaxin and Baidu Only Kowtows to the Strong
Guo Wei, Ruoji Tang | 2011-03-31
The Art of Delay
It's Impossible to Control Housing Prices if Local Governments Refuse to Act
EO Editorial Board | 2011-03-30
Views from the East: Chinese Media on the Libyan No-fly Zone
What are the opinion pieces being carried in mainland China's newspapers saying about military action in Libya?
Guo Wei | 2011-03-29
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China's GDP Grew 9.7% in the First Quarter - March CPI up 5.4%
Inflation in China jumped to a 32-month high of 5.4% in March, while growth slowed compared to the pace registered in the first quarter of last year.
Source:National Bureau of Statistics
New Social Finance Indicator Released as Part of Quarterly Financial R...
The social finance indicator is an attempt to measure the actual financing capability that exists in the real economy and to provide a better gauge on the amount of liquidity in the financial system.
Source:People's Bank of China
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