China's Growth Enterprise Board Has an Identity Crisis
Just what kind of board will ChiNext be?
Guo Hongchao | 2009-09-25
When East Beats West?
When the economy of Western nations run into trouble, we should not take this as proof that China's economic model is a success.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-09-04
The Way Ahead for State-owned Enterprise Reform
In order to ensure that reforms go smoothly, attention needs to be paid to the interests of all parties involved and the game needs to be played according to the rules.
EO Editorial Team | 2009-08-25
Combating the Culture of Corruption
Why do some foreign companies, who are model corporate citizens in their domestic setting, frequently become involved in corruption and bribery scandals when they do business in China?
EO Editorial Board | 2009-08-21
It's Time for Universal Social Security Coverage
Every rural citizen should be able to enjoy the benefits of reform and development.
EO Editorial Board | 2009-08-13
Xu Zhiyong: Destined To Fight For Social Justice
This profile of Xu Zhiyong, founder of the Open Constitution Initiative, traces his concerns for the legal rights of Chinese petitioners from his days as an introverted and ambitious middle school student to his time as a law student at Beijing University.
Liu Liu | 2009-08-13
We Need to Find a Better Way of Financing Local Governments
Why not simply give local governments the authority to raise capital by selling bonds?
EO Editorial Board | 2009-07-30
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What is China's People's Congress Up To?
152 of the 175 delegates that make up the Standing Committee of China's top legislature attended a six day meeting of the body in Beijing late last month.
The Private Lives of Local Officials to Play a Role in Promotions
Many local governments are issuing new standards to evaluate potential employees that focus on “personal ethics.”
Source:Legal Daily
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Highlights from this month's edition: Talking Bubbles with Andy Xie


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