China Poll: Are Chinese Officials Afraid of the Internet?
According to a survey carried out by the People's Forum Online, People's Daily Online, and Tencent, the answer is overwhelmingly yes.
Ruoji Tang | 2010-11-17
China Poll: Sino-Japanese Relations
What's the first thing you think of when someone refers to Japan?
Leslie Walczak | 2010-11-09
Independent Monetary Policy is Vital for China
In order to have greater control over our own monetary policy, China should allow greater exchange rate flexibility
EO Editorial Board | 2010-11-09
QQ v 360
China Poll: 360 or QQ?
What do Chinese internet users think of the faceoff between Tencent and 360safe?
Zhang Chao | 2010-11-05
China Poll: Employment Trends Among Returnee Graduates
77 percent of the retrunee graduates surveyed landed a job in less than 3 months
Chen Ximeng | 2010-10-28
The Only Answer is Political Reform
Without reforming the political system, we cannot guarantee the benefits that economic reform brings, nor will we be able to continue to push ahead with reforms to the economic system and social reform will also fail
EO Editorial Board | 2010-10-22
Views from the East: Chinese Commentators on the Interest Rate Hike
Over the past few days, China's columnists, economists and other experts have all offered their take on what the latest interest rate rise means for China's economy and ordinary people
Ruoji Tang | 2010-10-22
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Ministry of Environmental Protection to Release Industry Development P...
An industry development plan aimed at encouraging energy-efficiency and environmental protection will soon be submitted to the State Council
Source:Economic Observer Online
Central Government Prepares Launch of Leadership Group to Oversee Powe...
Reforms aimed at splitting specialized auxillary companies off from the country's main power companies are imminent
Source:Economic Observer Online
Japan Earthquake:To Stay or to Go?
Tourists are leaving, and the trend spread to longer-term residents of the country.


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