Nuclear Transportation Company Reprimanded for Breaking Rules

By Zhou Yuning
Published: 2009-08-21

The China National Nuclear Corporation Everclean Co., Ltd (CNNCE) was reprimanded by government authorities earlier this week after it breached rules covering the transportation of spent nuclear fuel.

Founded in 1995 as an affiliate of China National Nuclear Group, CNNCE specializes in the disposal and transportation of nuclear materials.

Though CNNCE’s violation did not result in any kind of accident, State Bureau of Nuclear Safety circulated a notice to severely reprimanded CNNCE and instructed it to submit relative material for further examination and approval.

According to the announcement, on July 5, CNNCE did not follow the previously agreed upon route when transporting spent fuel, instead it took the Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway.

Furthermore, the announcement criticized CNNCE's failure to comprehensively analyze the new route’s conditions and assess any possible impact it might have on the surrounding environment.

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