Man Shoots Himself after Killing Three Court Workers

By Tony Liu
Published: 2010-06-01

A man killed himself after shooting three people to death at a court in China's central Hunan province on Tuesday morning, according to Sanxiang Metropolis Daily.

The incident happened at about 9:55 am at Lingling District People's Court in Yongzhou city, the paper said.

People close to the case revealed to the paper that a presiding judge named Zhao Hulin, a deputy chief judge named Jiang Qidong and a court clerk named Huang Lan were all killed. Several court workers were also injured in the attack.

A witness said at about 10am, a man wearing a hunting cap and carrying a black travel bag entered the office of Zhao Hulin, the chief presiding judge at the court, and shot at Zhao and his colleague Jiang Qidong and other people with a shotgun.

After that, the man drew a pistol from his travel bag and shot at the court workers. After he had fired until the magazine was empty, he drew a machine gun from his bag and began to shoot at other court officers who had arrived at the scene.

According to Xinhua News report, the identity of the suspect and his motive have been ascertained by the police.

The man is named Zhu Jun, a security guard at a local post office. Zhu is 46 years old and divorced with his wife three years ago.

During the divorce proceedings, the court ruled on the couples' property dispute and it seems that Zhu's belief that the court's ruling was unfair motivated his attack on the court.

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