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China to Pour 100 Billion Yuan into Metal and Logistics
Straining to survive in the downturn after stockpiles have devalued, non-ferrous metal and logistics firms will benefit from 100 billion yuan in government support to be spent over the next two years.
2月26日 18:13
Insurance Claims for CCTV Fire Under Review
A special compensation team has been tasked to vet insurance claims for over a billion yuan for damages caused by the recent fire at China's state broadcaster's new headquarters.
2月26日 16:13
Credit, Volatility Rolls Through Chinese Markets
The EO looks at recent volatility in the Chinese stock markets, where companies have withdrawn leveraged investments and investors have been spooked by fears of a debt defaults abroad.
2月25日 16:22
China's Soybean Dilemma
The Chinese government is caught between keeping soybean prices low enough to protect low-income groups, but high enough to keep farmers interested in planting it.
2月20日 12:17
China and Russia Sign Oil-for-Loan Deal
China and Russia have agreed on a landmark arrangement providing the former oil and the latter 25 billion in loans.
2月18日 18:22
China to Invest 850 billion yuan in Medical Reform
The Chinese government intends to pour 850 billion yuan in its medical reform over the next three years.
2月18日 15:48
Chinalco's New Boss: Xiong Weiping
A former Chinese mining boss is trading the reins of a state-owned tourism firm for those of Chinalco, the Chinese aluminum giant on the cusp of doubling its stake in Rio Tinto Group.
2月18日 14:32
Milk Safety Stirs China Again
Name-clearing took center stage last week in China's dairy industry, with one local brand declared safe for consumption and another global brand tested melamine-free.
2月17日 18:41
Rio Tinto Enters US$19.5 Billion Deal with Chinalco
Chinese state owned Chinalco will double its stakes and gain two seats in the Board of global mining giant Rio Tinto through a partnership deal worth 19.5 billion US dollars.
2月12日 17:52
Chinese Exports and Imports on Ice
Trade is on ice as China's economy slows, with the latest data showing a year-on-year nosedive in imports of 43.1%. The staggering figures are the worst in ten years.
2月11日 19:04
The Exit of Rio Tinto and Chinalco Top Men
Just when the assets sales talks between mining giant Rio Tinto and Chinese state-owned Chinalco nearing its end, both announce the exit of their top-level personnel.
2月10日 18:45
China's Drought Eased; Food Security Sound
The on-going drought in northern China threatens production of winter wheat crops, but the country's food security remains sound - thanks to five years of surplus harvests and record-high grain reserves.
2月10日 16:44
List of Key Chinese Subsidiaries "Not for Sale" Being Drafted
China's state assets watchdog was drafting a list of key central-owned subsidiaries to be banned from sale.
1月22日 13:45
Two Chinese State-owned Enterprises Blacklisted by World Bank
Four Chinese firms, including two state-owned enterprises, have been accused of collusion in the bidding processes for Phillippine infrastructure projects and banned from receiving World Bank funding.
1月16日 18:28
2009 A Busy Year for Mergers and Acquisitions in China
Research suggests that 2009 will be a big year for mergers and acquisitions in China, with central-owned firms absorbing casualties of the downturn.
1月15日 15:26
Constitutional Monarchy at a Chinese Agrobusiness
After a stint in prison that left his firm without an adept at the helm, a former Chinese peasant is modeling his growing firm's corporate governance on a constitutional monarchy.
1月15日 13:18
China Enters 3G Era
Three major Chinese telecom firms have entered the 3G era with new licenses.
1月9日 19:05
Lenovo Announces 2,500 in Layoffs
The Chinese IT giant would merge its China operations with other regional divisions, ultimately cutting 2,500 staff.
1月8日 16:37
China Mulls Real Estate Investment Trusts
The Chinese government is considering to expand fund raising channels for property developers to boost the real estate market.
1月6日 21:05
Proposal to Review Labor Dispatch Regulations
China's policymakers have proposed tightening enforcement of the Labor Contract Law to reign in abuse of interim workers.
12月26日 15:24


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