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Internal Audits Sweep Through Securities Industry
The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has announced that it will begin to audit institutions and individuals involved in securities, funds, investment, and consultancy
5月14日 17:19
Defense Industry to Renew Transfer of Profit Dividends to SASAC
Centrally-owned enterprises working in the defense industry will once again have to start submitting a percentage of their profits to SASAC
5月6日 19:49
Where is Geely Getting the Money to Buy Volvo?
Geely will locate Volvo's China headquarters in Shanghai and set up a production bases in Shanghai and Heilongjiang's Daqing
4月29日 15:57
Real Estate Business of 78 Central-owned Enterprises to be Transferred to Main S
The forced exit of centrally-controlled SOE from the property market may not curb soaring property prices
4月21日 14:22
Shanghai, Chongqing to Pilot Property Tax
To curb skyrocketing housing prices, China is planning to launch a pilot property tax
4月16日 18:11
Textile Giant Chinatex Leads State-owned Companies into Grain Sector
Chinatex Corporation is now China's third largest vegetable oil processor with a capacity equal to that of the China National Cereals
4月13日 18:04
Debate Over Regulations Establishing Wind Power Standards
The first draft of China's Wind Power Technical Standards is arousing debate among industry players
4月8日 13:07
China to Set Up Foreign Investment Review Board
China is planning to establish a foreign investment review board.
3月25日 15:34
China Launches Second Round of Taxation Inspections in Bid to Boost Revenue
China's State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has launched a second round of tax inspections in a bid to squeeze more tax revenue from China's business sector.
3月10日 14:56
Geely to Pay 1.8 Billion US Dollars for Volvo
Privately-owned Chinese automaker Geely Automobile, is expected to finalize its acquisition of Volvo before Spring Festival.
2月8日 19:00
Ministries Clash Over Overcapacity in New Energy Sector
Several Chinese ministries have released conflicting reports, suggesting or denying overcapacity in the new energy sector.
12月23日 11:21
Sinopec Under Pressure from Private Competitors in Retail Market
Sinopec cut its processed oil retail price in retail market for the first time this year in response to pressures from private gas stations.
12月22日 11:37
BHP Billiton "Behaving Badly"
BHP Billiton has repeatedly played the role of "bad boy" and disrupted efforts of Chinese firms to take a share in Australian mining companies.
11月4日 18:16
China Moves to Rein in Overcapacity
Overcapacity has once again become a serious problem for China's policy makers.
9月10日 15:47
Consolidation of State-owned Pharmaceutical Firms
The consolidation of the three centrally-owned firms, is part of SASAC's broader plan to reduce the number of centrally-owned enterprises from the present 138 to between 80 and 100 by 2010.
9月8日 18:55
State Grid's Green Road Back to Power Generation
Is State Grid attempting to use renewable energy as a way of eluding restrictions imposed by regulators?
7月2日 19:37
China's Ambitious Water Diversion Project Way Beyond Budget
China's massive project to funnel water from the Yangtze River basin northward to the parched regions has run into delay.
5月22日 3:09
Telecom Giants' Merger May Have Breached Antitrust Law
The merger of two Chinese state-owned telecommunication giants is suspected to have breached the Antitrust Law, but will penalty be meted out against them?
5月6日 19:31
Air and Military Manufacturer Reloads for Overseas Investment
A state-owned Chinese aviation firm was snapping up billions of dollars in loans to aid foreign acquisition of technology and equipment.
5月5日 11:09
CNPC to Issue Dollar-Denominated Bonds
China's top oil producer and refiner would issue dollar-denominated bonds in China in the near future.
4月23日 14:26


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