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Yunnan Builds Metal and Fertilizer Reserves
China's Yunnan province's latest scheme to build reserves of metal and fertilizer in aid of struggling producers affected by sinking prices has drawn skepticism over its effectiveness and risks involved.
12月17日 17:48
Melamine Scandal Compensation Scheme Under Study
A four billion yuan compensation scheme for victims of melamine-tainted milk is under consideration, while the police has also ended investigations into the dairy scandal that sickened some 290,000 children in China.
12月16日 15:54
China Studies Aiding Auto Industry
China is looking for ways to bolster its declining auto industry as the global economic outlook worsened and the need to kick-start domestic consumption became more salient.
12月12日 16:50
New Era at GOME After Billionaire Chairman's Disgrace
After China's richest man Huang Guangyu came under investigation for financial crimes, his company -- Gome, the largest home electrical appliances retailer in the country, has undergone a management restructuring.
12月11日 13:32
Shandong Live Broadcasts Test Media Limits
A local television network in Shandong province has been interrupting taped programs to insert breaking news, a practice common in foreign countries but rare in China due to tight media control.
12月10日 13:17
Billionaire GOME Founder Suspected of Numerous Financial Crimes
A major white-collar crime investigation several years running has gained momentum recently, as Beijing investigators dug deeper into billionaire Huang Guangyu's business activities.
12月4日 17:04
Cut Staff, or Cut Salaries?
A Shandong chemical boss tells the EO of the hard decision he will have to make now that his business has become entangled in the global economic slide.
12月3日 14:07
Chinese Aluminum Giant Holds RMB 60 Billion for Oversea Acquisitions
Against the backdrop of global economic gloom, a major Chinese aluminum producer is gearing up to acquire foreign firms when the price is right.
11月28日 18:20
Lawyers Rally Victims Against Milk Producer Sanlu
Families of those killed or made ill by tainted milk in September are threatening to file class-action lawsuits against major Chinese dairies if they refuse to settle out of court.
11月28日 16:17
Hard Times for a Wenzhou Clan
Even the resourceful and resilient Wenzhou traders are seeing their foreign business wilt as a global economic winter takes grip.
11月24日 16:07
Officials Gather Feedback on Private Equity Rules
The NDRC is looking at new ways to regulate private equity in order to free up idle funds.
11月19日 18:30
China's Huaxia Securities Goes Broke
After three years of scandal and sloppy investments, one of China's largest stock brokers has finally imploded.
11月18日 18:25
Dai Xiaojun: I Wanted to Show People the Dark Side
Dai Xiaojun tells the EO how he covertly photographed a hush money operation at a Shanxi mining company, and why he's now fighting for his reputation
11月14日 19:14
China Plans to Nationalize Wholesale Agriculture Markets
Partly due to a string of tainted food incidents in October that hurt exports, China's Ministry of Commerce plans to rein the thousands of domestic wholesale agriculture markets into a new nationalized system.
11月13日 17:36
Grain Market Rescue Package Brewing in China
Like regulators all over the world getting into the holiday spirit early, Chinese grain officials are brewing a bailout package to save falling grain prices. Some industry experts say that if Chinese grain prices fall too much and farmers lose incentive t
11月10日 15:45
China's Baosteel to Slash Compensation Over Demand Slump
Baosteel is slashing compensation from head to toe in light of a demand slump aggravated by the financial crisis.
10月31日 16:01
Amidst GDP Slump, China Pours Investment in Railways
China's State Council has approved spending 750 billion yuan on China's railway system over the next two years. The move comes at a time when the country's GDP is growth faltering, and will likely stoke demand in several other industries.
10月30日 11:35
Sinopec Unlikely to Enjoy Global Oil Price Slump
To keep the Olympics running smoothly, Sinopec hoarded oil products despite high global prices. But since prices has dived, Sinopec has taken losses as it sells off its inventory.
10月29日 11:06
China's Health Care: A Return to Planned Economy System?
A draft to reform the Chinese health care system has been opened for public comment, drawing criticism from pharmaceutical players and some scholars.
10月23日 16:50
Incentives to Boost Ailing Real Estate
After weeks of market speculation, the Chinese central government has finally announced tax cuts and relaxed credit rules to boost the sluggish real estate market.
10月23日 13:29


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