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Locking in Geely's Volvo Deal

China Underlines Support for New Energy Sector

Grain Law to Reshape China's Grain Industry 

Central Ministry Budgets to be Made Public in Three Years 

Labor Shortages Return to Dongguan

CBRC to Play Greater Role in Fine Tuning Chinese Economy

Reforming Housing Demolition Management Regulations

China Development Bank's Faces Difficulties in Transition to Commercial Bank Status

Rio Tinto's Spy Case Enters Critical Period

High-speed Rail's Hidden War

Chinese Stock Market Enters New Era

World-famous Luxury Brands - Made in China, Despite the Tag

More Details About Geely's Vovlo Acquisition Emerge

A Shift in Property Market Policy Settings 

A Look at What's Behind the Recent Energy Shortages in China

Will China Continue Down the Same Old Path to Growth?

Lanzhou Explosion Reveals Hidden Dangers of China's Chemical Industry

Lawyer Jailed for Falsifying Evidence in High-profile Chongqing Criminal Gang Case

New Civic Virtue Points System Introduced at Guangzhou's Low-income Residential Housing Estates

Geely to Pay 1.8 Billion US Dollars for Vovlo

Balancing Monetary Policy

China May Face More Difficulties in 2010's Iron Ore Price Negotiations


Qinghai: Two Versions of Local Fiscal Budget

The Real Story Behind the Closing of Disanji Bookstore

China to Speed up Elimination of Outdated Industrial Facilities

Top Land Regulator to Inspect Local Land Rehabilitation Funds

Local Governments Shun Introduction of Property Tax

Beijing Opens Government Books

Hangzhou: An Example of China's Urban Development Model

Tibetan State-owned Enterprise Pursues Privatization Via Leasing

China's Tax Reform Timetable for 2010

BHP Billiton Strengthens Potash Push

Uncertainty About Port Statistics Cloud Export Outlook

ABC to Welcome Strategic Investors as Part of Reform

The Problems with China's Household Registration System

Three Major Investment Options for 2010

Housing Investment Opportunities in Second and Third Tier Cities

Outlook for China's Domestic Auto Industry in 2010

China's Budget Deficit to Exceed 1 Trillion Yuan in 2010

CIC No. 2 Receives State Council Approval

China Preparing to Allow RMB to Strengthen Against US Dollar?

Special Feature: Risky Hainan

Ping An Group's Acquisition of Shenzhen Development Bank Approved

We Implore Them to Speed Up Reform of the Hukou System

China Launches Second-round of Taxation Inspection in Bid to Boost Revenue

Weighing Risk: Bank Executive Pay to be Tied to Risk Management Performance

Ministry of Environmental Protection Gets Teeth: Administrative Detention for Serious Offenders

Will Central Enterprises Continue to Play an Active Role in Land Purchase in 2010?

Bankers Urge Reforms to Small Business Financing

CPPCC's No.1 Proposal Focused on Low-carbon Economy

Stock Markets Expected to Rise After Seven Rough Months

Pulling Back on Housing Loans: Banks Reduce Rate of Cash Offered for Collateral-backed Loans

Tsingtao Brewery Prepares to Further Expansion Abroad

Where is Geely Getting the Funds to Finance its Purchase of Volvo?

Property Developer Enters the Football Field

The Age of GM Staple Crops in China?

Reforming Beijing's Representative Offices

Income Tax Threshold Not be Raised

China to Encourage Small Banks to Go West

Analysis: China's CPI Rose 2.7% in February


Who Bribed Stern Hu?

Local Governments to Receive Larger Slice of Tax Revenue

State Council Renews Attempt to Curb Overcapacity

New Rules Aimed at Reducing Risk of Local Government Debt Ineffective

China and European Steel Associations Hit Back at New Iron Ore Pricing Regime

Textile Giant Chinatex Leads State-owned Companies into Grain Sector

From Producer to Patient: The Dangerous Journey of China's Vaccines

Chinese Social Security Fund's Ambitious 2 Trillion Yuan Target

Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Railway Loses 700 Million Yuan in First Year of Operation

Geely's Long March

Rotten Apples: Where iPads Really Come From

Shanghai, Chongqing to Pilot Property Tax

Look to Pork Prices for Warnings of Inflation

Real Estate Business of 78 Central-owned Enterprises to be Transferred to Main State-owned Players

MOF Worries About Potential Skyrocketing Trade Surplus Despite Current Deficit

An Alternative End to the "Currency War": Open More Chinese Markets to US Investment

The Big Dry: Effect of the Drought on Southwest China

China's Top Securities Regulator Is Preparing to Establish An Association for Listed Companies

Xie Ping to Join CIC

Agricultural Bank of China to Go Public on the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Moutai as Collectors Item

[Exclusive] More Details on the Geely Deal


Roll Out of Integration of Three Networks Delayed

Changes to Budget Law May Result in Local Governments Being Allowed to Issue Bonds

Shenzhen to Crackdown on Criminal Gangs

Healthcare Reform: Ma'anshan Case Study

Is China's Economy Overheating?

China to Strengthen Financial Oversight

Internal Audits Sweep Through Securities Industry

Baidu Competes with Taobao for Website Partners

Vanke Raises Warning About Drop in Trading Volume in First-tier Cities

Beijing Municipality Adopts Strict Policy to Curb Housing Price Surge

Sinograin Set to Absorb Two State-owned Agricultural Enterprises

Stricter Control on Loans to Local Financing Platforms

Overcapacity In China's Higher Education Sector Calls for Reform

Different Paths to Success: Cities Caught Between the Gaps

School Safety

Agricultural Bank of China Applies to List on Domestic Market

Sudden Liquidity Tightening: Where Did the Money Go?

Five Provinces to Promote Merger Spree in Coal Industry

Ministry of Environmental Protection Takes Tougher Position in Emission Reduction

China Imports its Largest Amount of Corn in Ten Years

Real Estate Market Slowdown Will Not Last Long

Shaolin Temple Enterprise

China's Securities Regulator to Address Problem of Cutthroat Competi...

State Administration of Taxation to Intensify Collection of Land Appreciation Tax from Property Developers

Top Five Power Companies Compete to List New Energy Assets

Energy-rich Provinces Advocate National Roll-out of Resources Tax

State Council to Publish New Foreign Trade Strategy

China to Put Forward New Offer to Join WTO's Government Procurement Agreement

Quarterly Pricing of Iron Ore Triggers Price War Among Domestic Steel Makers

Domestic Commercial Banks Suffer Shortage of Capital

Agricultural Bank of China Plans to Raise 111 Billion Yuan of Funds in Dual IPO

Former Head of Beijing Capital Airport Detained

Guosen Securities Involved in Corruption Scandal

Focus of Income Distribution Reform Shifts to Reducing Flow of Wealth to Government

MOC Plans to Shift Processing Industry to More Green and Energy Efficient Footing

Local Government Bonds to be Issued in Second Half

Subtle Changes to Labor Relations at Foreign-funded Factories After Foxconn Suicides

Conflicting Data Released by State Administration of Foreign Exchange and People's Bank of China Explained

China Securities Regulator Intensifies Efforts to Crack Down on Insider Trading

Oil Giants Maneuver Ahead of Reform to Pricing of Natural Gas

Johnson & Johnson Involved in High-level State Food and Drug Administration Official Corruption Case

Shape of Income Distribution Reform Begins to Emerge

Ministry of Agriculture to Crack Down on Unlicensed Trade in GM Seeds

Slow Down of Growth in Powe...

China Likely to Introduce New Stimulus Measures

NDRC Stops Approving Government-backed Bond Issues

China to Promote Biological Husbandry

Technology-based COEs to be Acquired by Industrial COEs

Foxconn Moves its Plants to Henan Province

Chinese College Graduates Desert Big-cities

China to Fix Bulk Commodity Futures Trading Industry

Why is Vanke Reducing its Property Prices?

Analysis: Why Did Companies Fail to Pass IPO Review?

China's Finance Ministry Proposes to Establish Financial Assets Watchdog

Processing Trade to Vanish in China

Grain Giants to Push Grain Prices Up

Iron Ore Prices Fall

Tencent's Risk

Did Tang Jun Falsify his PhD?

Hot Money Retreats From China

AMC Starts to Undertake Commercialized Transformation

Rental Prices to Rise as Beijing Dismantles Old City Districts

New Regulations for Listing on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges

Export-oriented Firms Shift to Receive Domestic Orders

Bi-annual Report Secret: Losses are Heading Downstream

Local Financing Platform Roulette

Everything is Free: China's Best Education Model

Sinosure f...

Wanted: On the Run with EO Reporter Qiu Ziming

"CIC No.2" to Open for Business in Mid-august

Crime: Huang Guangyu Switches Defense Team for Appeal

China to Allow Use of Public Housing Funds for Construction of Government-subsidized Housing

China to Set Rules for the Cooperation of Banks and Trust Companies

Speculators Continue to Play Havoc With Agricultural Produce Markets

BHP Pursues Monthly Pricing System

Futures Industry at a Turning Point

Four Ministries Investigate Debt Held by Local Financing Platforms

COEs Fear Losing Out on Local Government Investment

China to Revise Government Investment Regulations

China to Fine-tune Export Policy Settings in Second Half

Questions Remain Regarding Leak from Zijin Mining Group Smelter in Fujian

Outlook for China's A-Share Market Unclear

International Board to be Launched Late This Year or Early Next

Search Engine Competition Heats Up

Push to Get 6,000 SOEs Under Control of Central Government Departments to Pay Dividends to Ministry of Finance 

Crime: Goldman Sachs Dodging Taxes in Henan Province

Centrally-controlled State-owned Enterprises Unite to Invest in Green Car Project 

Big Name Property Developers Might be Contained in "Black List"

Overseas Renminbi to enter China's Interbank Bond Market

Worries Over the Ecology of Western China


Central Government Completes Spending of its Component of Four Trillion Yuan Stimulus Plan

Proposed New Environmental Tax Will Not Increase Tax Burden on Chinese Companies

Plan to Reform Income Distribution to be Completed by October

Labor Unions to be "Independent"?

Four Big Banks Collect a Combined 120 Billion Yuan in Fees and Commissions in First Half

Tracing the Jinhao Camellia Oil Recall

Gates and Buffett Seek Givers Among "A Select Group" of China's Wealthiest

Alarm from Wenzhou: Entrepreneurs, Capital Retreating from Manufacturing Sector

Local Governments Troubled by Foreign Debt

New Regulations to Standardize Private Equity Investment Filing Requirements Nationwide

Is Insider Trading not a Crime?

Air Force Pilots Switching to Commercial Aviation,the Real Reason Behind Fraudulent CVs 

Local Land Departments to Retreat from Land Development Market 

Pricing Mechanism of Refined Oil to be Changed

Sinochem Group Sumbits Request for Government Support of Potential Bid for Canada's Potash Corp

China's International Board a Step Closer

Three Enterprises to Control China's Rare Earth Sector

Restriction on Land Usage Puts Pressure on Industry in Western China

Consortium of Banks Call in Huiyuan Juice Loan After Company's Debt Ratio Spikes

Property Tax Pilot to take place in Shenzhen and Hangzhou 

Ministry of Commerce...

Google Accused of Plotting Against Advertising Resellers

Ministry of Finance to Investigate Assets of Enterprises Under Control of Central Ministries

China's Foreign Exchange Reserves Increase by 194 Billion US Dollars in 3Q

Real Estate Tightening Measures Yet to Achieve Results

Uncovering the Secrets of University Representative Offices in Beijing

Exporters Nervous as RMB Rises for 9 Consecutive Days

As Economic Outlook Improves, Demand for Credit Increases

Should we Restrict Car Sales in Order to Solve Traffic Congestion

Problems Beginning to Appear for Wind Energy Manufacturers

Hot Money Returns to China

International Mining Giants Split on Iron Ore Pricing

Salt Industry Reform Delayed 

Occupational Hazards: Growing Prevalence of "Mental Illness" Among China's Civil Servants

Hangzhou's Disease: Relying on Land Sales for Development

New Regulations Likely to Lead to Boom in China's Derivatives Market

Policy-based Housing Hindered by a Severe Shortage of Money

Deadline of Investigation into Local Financing Platforms Extended

FDI in Real Estate Sector Grows 56%

Public Investment in Rural Farmland Water Management to be Focus of 12th Five-Year Plan

Did the Shanghai Expo Make Any Money?

Why China Railway Construction Corporation Lost Money on the Mecca Light Railway

Beijing Home Buyers Scrap Contracts

Where do China's Wealthy Bank their Money?

Chinese Government to Invest 3.5 Trillion Yuan in Railways

What's Behind China's Recent Blood Shortage

Another Rare Earth Story: Meet Molybdenum 

Cooperative Economic Zone to be Established in Cities Bordering North Korea

CIC Establishes Subsidiary in Hong Kong

Exclusive Interview with the CEO of Tencent - Ma Huateng 

Former Head of Chongqing Branch of China Mobile Detained in Beijing

Prices are Out of Control 

National Power Grid to Cover Tibet in 2012

Transfer of State-owned Shares Brings 30 Billion Yuan to Social Security Fund Every Year

Postal Savings Bank: Microcredit Makes a Breakthrough in Rural Areas

The Age of Affordable Luxury - Brand-name Goods are Becoming Cheaper in China

Xi'an Needs More than Land


2010 Energy Industry Review

Cotton Speculation Ebbs

Morgan Stanley to Sell its Stake in China International Capital Corporation

Central Government Conducts an Investigation into Chengdu's Hukou Reforms

Control of the Fiscal Purse Strings  

Same Growth Target, Tighter Monetary Policy for 2011

CBRC Warns Against Companies Controlled by Zhou Tianbao

Chinese Government to Reduce Tax

China's Jewelry Processing Sector Under Investigation

Shake-up of Personnel at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

China's Taxation System Big Shift

Labor Shortage Increasingly Common in Central China

A New Model for Rare-Earth Mining in Ganzhou

Joint-stock Banks Win Out over State-owned Banks in Financing Ability

Three Million Insurance Salespeople Lack Social Security

Carrefour Refuses to Raise Prices, Instant Noodle Maker Stops Supply 

17 Years of Dismal History in Xingfu Ba Village

NDRC May Reduce Prices of 658 Medicines by an average of 40%

High Interest Lending in Wenzhou Reaches Critical Point

Who will get Crowded Out of Beijing?

Say Goodbye to Loose Monetary Policy

Both Dangdang and 360Buy Can Emerge as Winners from their Price Battle