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China's Rail System Needs Reform
We must respond to Saturday's crash with a thorough investigation of China’s monolithic and unaccountable railway system.
7月27日 16:47
PBOC Should Keep Raising Rates
We should not underestimate the extent of the harm that is being done to ordinary people due to the persistence of negative real interest rates
7月19日 16:44
Income Tax and Public Opinion - From Little Things Big Things Grow
The realization of these hopes rests on the shoulders of our generation. If we want to live in a democratic, fair and just country, then it’s up to every single one of us to push for these small changes
7月6日 7:35
Nurturing a Participatory Society
Policy makers are sending out a positive signal by proposing the idea of “social coordination and public participation”. That means abandoning old prejudices and suspicion of social organisations.
6月14日 15:58
China's Distorted GDP Logic
When we first embarked on the descision to pursue growth at all costs, what did we want to achieve?
4月21日 16:39
We Need to Get Over Our Obsession with Luxury Goods
True wealth is gauged not by the number of villas or Prada bags you own
4月13日 17:46
The Art of Delay
It's Impossible to Control Housing Prices if Local Governments Refuse to Act
3月30日 14:06
A Call for a Transparent Budget that Everyone Can Understand
If the Ministry of Finance is unable to produce a budget that can be understood by everyone, then it's not doing its job properly
3月2日 15:39
The Best Way to Deal with Wealth Inequality is to Encourage Wealth Creation
If we continue to focus on the topic of wealth distribution and stop talking about the problems of how to create wealth, how long will it be before our society is in crisis?
2月25日 14:45
Why Does Chinese Inflation Keep Exceeding Official Targets?
Are policy makers and local governments willing to settle for slower economic growth?
2月21日 18:15
Purchase Restrictions Violate the Rights of the People
Why is our government imposing restrictions on two basic rights? Restrictions have added great inconveniences to people's daily lives and have crippled ordinary demand and expanded the government's authority.
1月25日 17:23
What Can a Government do to Make its People Happy?
A simple formula for how the Chinese government can help to make its citizens happier
1月19日 19:11
The Policy-based Housing Cover-Up
No one can doubt the government's enthusiasm for policy-based housing. But the flaws of the policy have been purposely concealed.
1月11日 15:17
The Benefits of Slowing Down
Will China's high speed growth rate last? Maybe it is time to revise China's development model.
1月5日 14:13
National Will Should follow Individual Voice
Only when a country respects personal will and provides clear channels to transform numerous individual aspirations into national aspirations, will it have a real future.
12月30日 17:29
Maintaining Professional Integrity and Personal Dignity
Recently, microbloggers have questioned the conduct of the executives and reporters at the Economic Observer by suggesting that they have accepted illegal bribes. In the week following the rumor's spread, we made no public response. However we have not be
12月13日 17:13
Who's Accountable for the Fire that Should Never Have Happened?
As long as government officials do not feel that they are empowered by the people, they will never seriously respond to people's demands...
11月23日 14:51
Independent Monetary Policy is Vital for China
In order to have greater control over our own monetary policy, China should allow greater exchange rate flexibility
11月9日 15:44
Post-Expo, How Can We Improve People's Lives?
Will China solve its domestic problems with as much enthusiasm as it organized the Olympic Games and the World Expo?
11月2日 13:00
The Only Answer is Political Reform
Without reforming the political system, we cannot guarantee the benefits that economic reform brings, nor will we be able to continue to push ahead with reforms to the economic system and social reform will also fail
10月22日 19:43


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