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Cheap Medicines Alarm Regulators
Drugs companies that won state tenders by agreeing to supply at low prices have been either dropping out or using dubious ingredients.
8月3日 17:10
Gridlock On Profitable Expressway
Never-ending traffic jam on Guangdong's most expensive toll road.
7月20日 18:13
Falling Short On Electric Car Target
It’s a year since China launched its trial policy to subsidize the sale and production of vehicles powered by alternative fuels, and those early aspirations seem to have been quietly forgotten.
7月18日 18:38
Shaanxi Takes a Different Approach to Reform of Coal Mining Industry
Shaanxi is trying to make sure that reforms aimed at consolidating small coal mines operating in the region don't simply result in small private players being bought out by state-owned giants
7月15日 18:06
Defending Europe's Airline Levy
Climate Chief Seeks Global CO2 Trade
6月30日 20:30
Trading Coal - Apparently It's Tough
We hear from one experienced trader who remembers the easy money of the ‘90s and complains that profit margins are now below 1% as local administrations impose a myriad of fees and taxes.
6月23日 19:03
Chinese Steel Supremo Rues Weak Position In Ore Negotiations
The former General Secretary of the China Iron and Steel Association claims he was simply speaking for his members in the hard-nosed negotiations with global mining companies.
6月2日 20:32
Local Governments Lobby for Higher Rare Earth Quota
The suspension on opening new rare earth mines will be lifted on June 30.
3月18日 13:48
Lenovo's LePad Pricing Dilemma
Lenovo gets a taste of its own medicine when Apple's iPad2 opts for low-price strategy.
3月16日 18:14
China's "Wikipedia" Submits Complaint about Baidu
If you refuse to buy Baidu's keywords or reduce the amount you devote to bidding for a Baidu ranking, than it's possible that your rankings will plummet and that your site will "disappear" from the online world
3月4日 20:12
Labor Shortages End Express Mail's Low-Cost Era
Pay increases in the express mail industry are changing not only the career expectancies of workers, but the cost structure of the express mail industry. As the Spring Festival approaches, new price increases have been announced.
1月28日 17:03
Making Up for Lost Time: China's Hydropower Push
Chinese hydroelectric power generation has reached a turning point. The development of hydroelectric power has become a priority, and large and medium-sized hydropower projects will be granted approval.
1月24日 14:42
Sticking With the Plan - An Interview with the CEO of Li Ning
Zhang Zhiyong, the CEO of one of China's best known sportswear brands, responds to criticisms of his business strategy for the company
1月13日 21:01
Coal Energy: 48 Hours of Contract Negotiations
Power companies are in need of coal, but coal mines prefer to sell their products to metallurgy companies. The negotiations need a coordinator, but no one is coming forward.
1月13日 15:58
Carrefour Refuses to Raise Prices, Instant Noodle Maker Stops Supply
Instant Noodle brand Master Kong has halted supply of their products to Carrefour for over a month due to Carrefour's refusal to participate in the price hikes mandated by Master Kong in November.
12月15日 14:13
The Turning Point in the War Against Piracy
News that Tudou and Youku will acquire IPOs has given hope to copyright distribution companies that IPO funds would further encourage websites to purchase legal copies
12月3日 15:22
Foreign Companies Fight to Enter Essential Drugs List
The Shanghai government has delayed the publication of its list of "essential drugs" due to the lobbying of foreign pharmaceutical companies
12月2日 18:41
Some Corn with Your Soybeans? China's Corn Imports Surge
Doctor Fan Shenggen hopes China will not make the same mistakes regarding corn policy as it did with soybean...
11月24日 15:49
Exclusive Interview with the Chairman of Qihoo - Zhou Hongyi
We ask Zhou Hongyi if he ever proposed teaming up with Tencent's Ma Huateng to take on Baidu
11月11日 21:06
Exclusive Interview with the CEO of Tencent - Ma Huateng
It was a critical situation. If I had delayed the decision for another three days, QQ users may have been destroyed by 360
11月10日 19:56


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
The new benchmark price is likely to help boost the profitability of photovoltaic projects and encourage more investment...
China Shuts Down 583 Lead-acid
A total of 583 lead-acid battery manufacturing plants have been shut down over recent months as part of a campaign to st...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


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